Too long estimated delivery date


Hi, I sell FBM, I have professional account, and I am based in Ireland and the Standard shipping times for UK on my shipping settings are showing 7-14 days (I get most sales from UK) . In practice UK is usually 3-5 days. Is there any way to change it? That long EDD really affects my payments, as I have to wait ages for it. Everything is frozen as Unavailable balance. What can I do in order to change it? Please help me.


Do you have a professional selling account?

If so then if you go to “shipping settings” in the settings drop down and change the transit time.

I don’t ship overseas so not sure if its different, but I’m sure you would be able to change that as well by area.


Yes, I have a professional account and there is no edit option there, see the picture please.


Is that not an edit button on where the location is? Im sorry i might be wrong and it maybe stupid, but i would guess you can do it from there.


This is what happens when I click on edit, it doesnt let me to change shipping time at all


Ireland is considered to be part of EU, and when sending parcels there it counts it as being an International parcel.

On the other hand if it was Northern Ireland then it would count it as being part of UK, and I am able to use 3-5 day shipping there.

I’ve had the same issue before and was told this by Amazon and Royal Mail.


very strange - Northern Ireland is UK, also Channel Islands and Isle of Mann while needing a CN22 form are actually part of UK as well as we ship to them regularly using standard 2nd class mail.

On my screen I can click on a box and change the transit time, have even checked with the overseas ones and it is the same, although I don’t have a 7-14 days option…

Maybe try creating a new template?