Tracked 24 and 48 can be dropped at post office


Just incase anyone didn’t know, you no longer have to go to a delivery office to drop off tracked 24 & 48 post. The post office can now scan them


Yes we recently discovered this, lot more convenient for us.


This is obviously further to the rumours about delivery offices closing. According to our AM this is happening so opening up Post Office to tracked items makes sense. Helps us as Post Office is closer


FINALLY! Ridiculous that it was ever not allowed. Luckily we had a great local PO who would take them in anyway as our local sorting office was closed to customers since covid and the next one is about 15 miles away. Shame we’ve moved most of our business to another provider now !


Been able to drop Tracked 24 & 48 in at a Post Office for well over a month


Thanks guys for letting people know , not like the Royal Mail or the Post office , both of us is disabled with no car so have to get a taxi every day or try & get family who also works to the local sorting office. Well done Royal Mail


Anyone know if they take standard account mail now? when we were first starting out out local PO refused to take them as they weren’t making anything on them, to be fair, it was about 7 sacks of LL a day.


I though this was already the case, as I always take tracked 24 and 48 to our village PO, have done so for 2 years or more now


tbf why would you even think of taking that many sacks a day to a local PO? if you had that much mail why would you not be getting a collection?


Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Before we moved here to the Yorkshire Dales, we were on the North Yorkshire Moors. Nearest post office was 8 miles away. We used to drop off between 5 and 10 full grey bags every day with the post van that came round or at the post office 8 miles away because RM would not collect. Since moving here, we wised up and sent everything for FBA.


They paying you Retro…:joy::wink::hushed: (you know you’ve to declare it right:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:)


They also collect the parcels free of charge if you book one in via click and drop, we now use it so we can claim back the VAT save a couple of quid a monhth


I think it’s more to do with retail and buying post online, up to a couple of weeks or so ago PO’s could not accept them so we had to take them to the DO, doing retail does save quite a bit of cash


DO’s aren’t closing just the small offices in the DO where people go to collect undelivered carded items, retrograde step if you ask me


They also collect for no charge too


Ha, fat chance :joy::sweat_smile::laughing:
Any thoughts of me being on a Caribbean island next to beardy Branson are in a galaxy far, far away. There’s a certain irony to post collections these days. When we were shifting bags and bags a day, they wouldn’t collect. Now, I can go online, buy 65p worth of postage and they’ll collect it for free !! And what’s
even more ironic still, is the fact that (if I’ve got one item booked already) I can add to it, the same day and they’ll collect that as well, the same day !! :hushed: