Trademark Logo Misuse NIKE(NIKE)


Trademark Logo Misuse NIKE(NIKE)Trademark Logo Misuse NIKE(NIKE)Trademark Logo Misuse NIKE(NIKE)Trademark Logo Misuse NIKE(NIKE)


If you still have reservations, why not just forget the tick altogether …


By AJ1 you presumably mean Air Jordans ?!
You cannot use these without permission and a licence from Nike to use in any kind of candle or anything else


Amazon aren’t going to give you a decision on this. All they’ll do is point you to any relevant guidance.

Presumably, despite changing the swoosh, the only real selling point is that they are Nike. That should probably say a lot.


This whole sentence leads me to think your tick looks a little like the Nike tick and that the whole aim of your product is to replicate Nike Intellectual Property.

It really does sound like you shouldn’t be listing this for sale anywhere. Nike may well come after you if you are using their intellectual property.


Have seen they are already listed on Amazon. Not sure if it’s yours or not, but I suppose it means at least for now Amazon don’t object - though that could change at any time. Plus of course as above Nike might take action.


And sold already …


Seems they’re everywhere …


i cant see the attachments?


The only person that will give you a reliable answer is a trademark/IP lawyer. Literally anyone else’s opinion is just opinion.

For what it is worth in my opinion, these items are clearly attempting to profit of the recognisable and protected intellectual property of another company. Amazon are unlikely to raise an issue until prompted to by an agent of that company, at which point the product will probably be suspended/or deleted. You may also face account suspension and withholding of funds. Again, my opinion.

Why do you think Alibaba cover the trademark components of the product on the page?


I’m sorry to say, you’ll get burnt at some point, I can almost guarantee you that. Whether that will be in year 1 or year 5, it will happen.

Nike will NOT give you the rights to sell these products, and changing original designs of trademarks is a bad idea, as they will still be infringing the design rights of the owner. Amazon has strict rules and punishments in place for this.

my advice for what it’s worth would be avoid, avoid and avoid!


No pun intended …:grinning:


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