Tranferring a seller account


Hi all I am hearing mixed reports with regards to selling/transferring amazon seller accounts. I have at present agreed a small selling price with a friend who will take over the running of the account. We would need to change the information from mine to his. I contacted amazon and they have told me to contact an associate at the “accounts verification” department.
Has anyone had experience of this process. It does seem on the face of it that amazon does not allow this however it does happen all the time.
Any advise would be much appreciated.


Despite the Amazon policy clearly says that Seller Accounts are not transferable, even if the business ownership changes, as they include your feedback and buyer’s order history, nothing is preventing you from simply going through the process anyway by changing the account details and undergoing a verification.

Many sellers managed to successfully sell their accounts, others were left with a permanently suspended account unable to complete the verification. So it’s up to you.

Here you can review Amazon’s help pages regarding the matter:



Thanks Kika I have heard however that people can request the change and amazon allows it. Also it doesn’t say seller accounts are NEVER transformable it says “generally”. I am really confused here as the best way ahead?
Thanks again


You can’t sell an account according to Amazon’s rules.

If the seller account is owned by a LTD company that CAN be sold which effectively gives your friend control of seller account.

At least thats how it should be done.

There are also less clean ways of doing it but there are risks with these options.

Best thing to do is to tell Amazon what you want to do and see if they would allow transfer then you know where you stand.


I have managed to have my own Seller Account transferred, within family members. This is definitely one of the cases under which Amazon allows a transfer.

But there are sellers with different experiences. Many sold their accounts and were able to successfully complete the transfer, after communicating with the Seller Verification. Nothing is preventing you from attempting to do so as well.

I also know sellers who contacted me asking for help, when being struck in a never-ending verification once they attempted to transfer their account following it’s sale and it did not work.

You will need to rethink whether it’s worth for you to risk that the account won’t be able to complete the verification and remains suspended.


Thanks Kika that is great advise. When you state “You will need to rethink whether it’s worth for you to risk that the account won’t be able to complete the verification and remains suspended”
Do you mean that the account can remain suspended if you are granted permission from amazon your if you go ahead and risk it?
Thanks again


Whenever you update your account details, the account will go through a verification and there is no guarantee you will pass.

In case that Amazon for some reason fails to verify the information you provided, then the account will get suspended and can remain in this state.


Kika always give good advice. The question that you have not been asked so far is what is your legal entity on Amazon. Are you trading as a Ltd or sole trader and whether you have a business account on Amazon.


Hi Onemore it’s a ltd account.and yes it’s a business account. Cheers Ernie


in that case, may be adding the other person as director and go through verification might work. As directors and shareholders do change in Ltd companies.


This is one of the less clean ways…

e.g. you complete share transfer and then 2 months later the friend who was sold to becomes aware of liabilities. These could be law suit from customer or unpaid tax or something else

Not saying this would happen but needs to be considered.


it depends on what the terms of sales is…

we recently bought out a business but not the limited company. so stock and website but no liability. OP i think is selling the Ltd company as trading concern… so that will be a bit more complicated and will need to have a legal document to state what is in the sale beside stock and company directorship.

In terms of Amazon, a ltd is a legal entity and it is the shareholder/directors that matter beside the VAT/comp reg no. So you can add directors, get through verification then complete the sale with old director resign. That in a way is cleaner/quicker to do so on Amazon.



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Thanks for all the advice folks. I decided to go ahead and ask permision from the verification team. However I have now opened a can of worms as my account has now been ltd and all I did was ENQUIRE.
I have gone through the verification process again and just updated my information without any changes and also informed the verification team by email.
What I really need is someone to help me get my wording right as I understand these messages go to a computer and generate a reply based on certain words in the message. That being said would anyone be so kind as to suggest the wording I use if I try again?
All I need to request to change is name of Beneficial Owner. The ltd company will remain as love scotland gifts ltd and I am transferring the bank account to the new beneficial owner. Any help appreciated. Cheers Ernie


I haven’t been through the process myself but I expect that firstly you should appoint proposed new owner as director to your company. Then give them relevant amazon permissions and I expect they would be asked for verification.