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Hello, i am trying to list products with this as the main image this is the only way to show how they would look but they are being suppressed please help.
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You need to have the image of the decal just on a plain white background for the main image. You can use this image as one of the other images on the product to show how the actual item will look in situ.


Hello, Thank you for your help. Is the first image the white on aloud to have text on it?


I believe that text is only allowed on the first image (with white background) if it’s actually part of the product e.g engraved glass or framed print that has text as part of the actual print itself. Text can be used on other images if required for other photos showing the product but not the first image. At least that’s my understanding.


ok thanks again, so with the images i want to use, it seams i must use amazon original instead of hand made. would you agree?


I was just looking at wall decal stuff in handmade and this seller ( has theirs on a white background for the first image, and then done lifestyle pictures and got a colour choice image (with text on it). So it should be possible for you to do something similar with regards how to present images regarding your decal product line.

The main Amazon website has rules for white background no text for the first image as well I believe. So if you don’t want to do a white background photo for your product then Amazon isn’t the place for you.


Thank you for taking the time out of your day to help me.


It needs to be a white background, so it will get supressed because it’s not pure white.

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