Try before you buy fees?


Hi, has anyone been experiencing surcharges/fees for Try Before You Buy?

It looks like there are Returns fees associated with this facility, is it possible to opt out or is it mandatory as can only see it increasing over time if it costs the customer nothing?


I’d like an answer to this too. Did you find anything out about disabling Try before you buy?


Hello Interweave_Healthcar and PRK_Sports!

Let me reach out to our internal team to find more about the Try Before You Buy program. Please let me know what specific questions you may have, apart from the one to check if it is possible to opt out from the program.



I’ve never understood it to be honest. If someone orders a clothing item they can return it if it doesn’t fit/suit or any other reason they can think up and you pay the return etc but your funds are held until the required time for a return is past. So isn’t try before you buy just the same really?