Try Flexible Customer Financing to enable interest-free instalment payment for customers


We have launched Flexible Customer Financing (FCF) on With this, you can enable customers to purchase your eligible products with 3 to 48 equal monthly instalments without interest cost on

Flexible Customer Financing is available for your physical products in stock on with a price range of £80-£3,000. However, for products priced below £100, interest-free payments will only be enabled if the total amount of a customer’s order is at least £100.

Amazon will not charge you the programme fee before June 1, 2023.

To find the FCF programme in Seller Central, go to Growth and select Explore programmes.

For more information on this programme, go to these help pages:

Flexible Customer Financing (FCF) Terms and Conditions

Flexible Customer Financing for sellers selling on

Access the programme directly on Seller Central.


Oh my word, have you seen the fees that Amazon are charging for this feature!


So, up to 23.7% on top of the existing Amazon seller and FBA fees! Wow.If only we actually made 23% margin on anything we sell here! Suffice to say that we won’t be enabling this.


You don’t have to take all Instalment levels. So you could just activate Short and Mid Term, but not the 24 and 48 month levels.


I haven’t bothered to read through the article but I have set a reminder for me for the end of May to check if we get automatically enrolled so that I can switch it off immediately.


Well that’s good news at least.

But this smacks of being similar to the 30 day pay by invoice period automatically enabled for business purchasers. These are Amazon-driven features that should be funded by Amazon out of their standard seller fees, not charged to marketplace sellers at additional cost.


and if a customer cancels or is refunded otherwise during the loan term - are the fees still payable on the cancelled/refunded transaction?


From the FCF Page

If a customer returns a Flexible Customer Financing purchase in accordance with Amazon’s Return Policies , Amazon will refund you the FCF fee.


Amazon don’t know or enforce their own return policies, so let’s see how that works out.


I can’t argue with that point.


Does anyone else get an error when trying Access the programme directly on Seller Central?


No - this is the URL I’m accessing…

Are you logging in via the primary account?