Trying to close my account


I have been trying to close my account for months. I have raised multiple cases. Why will Amazon not call me on the provided mobile number to resolve.

Using the close account wizard fails due to a negative balance of less than £10.00. When you try to make a payment. The minimum payment value is £10.00. I even tried to make a larger payment of £10.00 just to close my account.

In response to case log questions. I have been told. Your payment is scheduled to be taken on a specific date. Then the date passes and the amount is not taken.

This is so frustrating. As I say it has been going on for months…


Why not just leave the account as is. As long as you have nothing active on it and your not being charged a fee, just leave it.
At least that way, if you decide to come back to it at some point in the future, there is no messing about with opening a new account.


Exactly the same situation, been trying for months, I owe them 46p which I am unable to pay as the Minimum is £10. Every time you raise a case they come back with the same message directing me to the account closure tool which does not work when there is an amount owing.


Same here - my balance is zero and no one will help - so frustrating!!!


Same here and now I’m in breach of a policy about making a log twice about the same subject.


I have £20 balance and Amazon Support tell me it will be collected and it is not. They have advised me that the Repay button does not work. They automatically close your case after 5 days. If you have an individual account they will not contact you by telephone. You end up going round in circles. I have been trying to pay this balance for over two months now. This is absolutely abysmal support for Amazon.


Most people are wish to close their account for a good reason. You should not have to leave your personal and other details on any site just because they cannot sort out their IT.


I just managed to pay my outstanding balance after threatening Amazon with going to the Financial Ombudsman. this is what I stated: “In accordance with Amazon Payments UK – Selling On Amazon Payments User Agreement clause 11.8 Out-of-court Complaint Process, I hereby give notice that I I have been trying to clear my account balance using Amazon’s establish contact and support service since March 2022 and have opened 6No. support requests which have not resolved my complaint. I hereby give notice that if payment is not taken on Monday 23rd May 2022 to allow me to close my account I shall complain to the UK Financial Ombudsman and I may put in a claim for delay and expenses.”