So basically I am about 5 minutes from burning Amazon help to the ground!

I (try) to sell Chisels on Amazon (FBA) and in their wisdom they class them as weapons!!!

Anyway, I keep being told by help the the items need the uk_18_knife attribute set in the template file, problem is that I can’t find that attribute in ANY template file I download!

No matter how many times I ask help to show me where it is, tell me the number/letter location in the excel file, screen shot it for me etc, just continue to tell me to add it :confused:

Anyone know what to do? I have been emailing for 6 months with the same problem and keep getting the same reply, can’t seem to escalate, don’t know who to contact etc

Thanks for any help


Have you tried these steps? SS are notorious for confusion :slight_smile:

Did you try the MD?


Well to be fair, if they are wood chisels, they do have a bladed edge.
That could be what the problem is.


Take a read of this thread.

It’s USA, but it probably applies to the UK as well.

And this one.

It looks like the node has to be very specific, to include the value in the file itself.
So you may need to change the node first.

And the help page for it:


If they are classing them as bladed like a knife you can only sell them FBA. Whoops just seen you are doing FBA.