UK Account suspended due to Unpaid balance on AMZ France - POA Required


My account has been suspended pending a plan of action and payment for my France account.

We don’t make many sales in France but unfortunately, a buyer made a purchase with us and made a return (2 laptops) returning entirely different products in the process, both broken and unsellable. We lost an a to z claim and also an appeal with over £400 being refunded to the buyer.

AMZ couldn’t get their money back from my bank account so now they have suspended my UK account. Im just wondering if there is any recourse for the £400+ that we lost, if not is there any guidance on POA regarding this other than tucking my tail between my legs and denying knowledge of the debt promising to be a good boy next time.


Please post the suspension notification otherwise we can’t advise on the specific cause of your UK suspension.
Was it because you failed to keep a valid card updated on FR?
Or what?
Without seeing the notification from Amazon any advice is useless.


Hello @PrimoPC_ltd,

From your post, I understand your UK selling account has been deactivated due to issues on your France selling account. And you need guidance in submitting a viable plan of action.

If you can share your original notification received on your France selling account here, we will be able to guide you more precisely with the appeal process.

In the meanwhile, would like to recommend you addressing the plan of action in bullet points as per requirement in the below mentioned format.

  • The root cause of the issue on the account.
  • The steps taken to resolve the issue on the account.
  • The future preventive steps take to maintain account health.

Your plan of action should be able to address in detail the reasons which impacted your account and what you did and will continue to do in order to avoid the issue.



You need to have a valid payment card (credit or debit) on file with Amazon at all times. This is where the will recover balances from.

Not having a valid card on file where payments can be charged will be in breach of Amazon selling Ts&Cs thus resulting in your account suspension I would imagine.

Until you get a valid payment method where Amazon can recover their money I doubt you’ll be reinstated.


Id be happy for them to take the money from my UK balance. They’ve stated that the account will be reinstated once the balance is paid, however when I click the link to reinstate the account from seller central its asking for a POA. Not really happy that ive been sent back goods that are not mine, which are unsellable, and im to foot the £400+ bill for it.

Suspension email:

Your Amazon account has been deactivated due to your outstanding balance of -479.60 EUR in FR. You may not continue to sell on Amazon and your listings have been removed. Please ship any open orders to avoid further impact to your account.

Why is this happening?

You have a negative balance of -479.60 EUR in FR on your Amazon account and the account has been deactivated in accordance with section 3 of the Amazon Business Solutions Agreement. You can see your balance and settlement information in the Payments section of Seller Central or click the following link: to learn how sellers can have negative balances.

How do I reactivate my account?

To reactivate your account, please pay the balance due on your account. You can pay your balance online or by wire transfer.

Online payment

– To pay online, click “Repay Balance” button on the Payments page under the Reports section of Seller Central:

– If you need to update the charge method on file, select Account Info in the Settings section of Seller Central: Then click Charge Methods to update your payment information.

To pay by wire transfer, please follow the instructions at the bottom of this message.

What happens if I do not pay the balance due?

If you do not pay the negative balance on your account, your account will remain deactivated until the negative balance is resolved. We may continue to attempt to charge your account and to contact you regarding this negative balance.


As I said, you need to pay the bill first. Money cannot be transferred between regions.

Once your account is reinstated you can appeal the fraudulent return. If you wait too long you’ll miss the opportunity.