UK business doing well in Europe but what happens after December 31st?


Due to certain sensitivities I am unable to list my product in the UK but it is performing well in the rest of Europe. I know that from 31st December the UK will no longer be included in the Pan-European program so I wanted to know what solution or process do Amazon have in place for UK sellers who sell abroad?
Will we be able to ship our stock to a Mainland European fulfilment centre?


Yep, you can already do this. Go into an EU marketplace (using the drop down list at the top of Seller Central) then send/replenish inventory as usual :slight_smile:


I thought that would be the case too but when I tested it with a dummy shipment it was still asking me to send the shipment to a UK fulfilment centre (Coventry)


Seemed to work for @Damian1


I tried it and got the same result = Coventry…Hmmmmm…


Are you remembering to change the marketplace on the drop down? It’s on the first page of the shipment creation process where you enter the products you are shipping.

It gets me every time - even though the product might only be listing in one marketlpace, and even though you might be currently logged into for instance, it defaults to if it’s your home marketplace.


Just out of interest can you use UPS (partner program) to ship to Germany, Italy etc? Also what are the charges like ?


Yes you can use UPS Partner programme - pricing to Germany is about €12-13 for 15kg from memory, which is a little more than my DPD rate (which allows for upto 30kg).