UK/EU Account Transfer VAT


Has anyone here transferred a UK/EU seller account to another entity before? Did Amazon force you to update the VAT numbers at the time of the transfer or is it possible to keep the existing account VAT numbers for a few more weeks?


Hey @vivanutra,

Would you be able to clarify your question?


What does your accountant advise? Is it legal to continue to trade under the old VAT number when acquired by another VAT registered business? Is the acquiring entity already VAT registered for that matter?


Hey @vivanutra,

Any updates?


Sorry for my slow response. My question is during the account transfer process of a unified UK/EU seller account (transferring account to a different legal entity) does Amazon force the seller to enter new VAT numbers in the account or does Amazon allow the seller to keep the existing VAT numbers for a temporary period of time while the new entity is awaiting their VAT registrations to complete?


The VAT number will have to match the name of the entity the account belongs to. So if you change the entity to the new company the VAT registration will need to match else Amazon will deactivate it.


Have you done a transfer where amazon immediately deactivated the account due to the VAT number not being updated?



But I would suggest that as part of an account transfer Amazon will most likely be re-verifying all information related to the account so it would not surprise me if they revalidate the VAT at the same time - but I do not know that for a fact.


It is a good question asked by Vivanutra, I am just in the middle of this mess…

I am changing my Legal Entity into my Seller Account.
Previous entity : Microenterprise (I am the owner)
New Entity : Limited Company (I am the owner)
The Legal Entity transfer is very very long. During that period I continue to sell but my VAT numbers are suspended. Means I do not know which of my 2 companies is selling.

The worst is that I just received the information that AMAZON do not provide VAT Amazon Services for the new Legal Entity.
They write : “Your current Amazon account has this current VAT number associated. Legal entity changes are not allowed”


Did you transfer your account correctly ?


Thank you for the insight. How long has your transfer process been going on so far? Did Amazon request that you enter new VAT numbers when you first initiated the transfer?