UK Fullfiment Shipping - Very high UPS collection charge


Hi All

Having an issue where i need to send 7 boxes for fulfillment around 28 kg in total and it is asking me for £205 shipping for my ups collection??

Anyone else having the issue?


JP Benford


Yeah, getting £44.52 touted for a 2.5 kg box! That’s like 10 times the usual charge, and it’s only going from Manchester to Coventry. What’s going on?!


Also having the same problem. Hopefully it’s a glitch and will be sorted soon.


Tried again today, all back to normal, £3 something! Yeah must have been a glitch :grinning:


Yeah mine working again now back to £18 shipping instead of £205


Ours is back to being £44 instead of £3.61!!


Same with mine and it’s only 2kg


SAme with me 3 box 245 and now its going in Scotland … not sure whats going on. they said clear cookies and browser . but last 4 hours no luck.


Did anyone find a workaround? same issue for me and seller support are useless!



I just had the same issue with trying to ship 3x boxes to Coventry.

38kg total and charging me £124.00. Went on the UPS website and only charging £40something for door to door collection.

Lets hope its just a glitch. Will contact Amazon in the morning.


Hi all,

To help prevent confusion and effort for everyone I would ask that you keep your comments to the following thread: Ups gone from £3.60 to £44! whats happened? and I will close this one.

I am currently looking into this and will update the above thread with any information I receive.


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