UK Handmade Image Requirements


I recieved an email from the US store about Handmage images being updated to be in line with the main store (i.e plain white background) but was wondering if this is also being rolled out for the UK store? So no more lifestyle images?


Yes it is being rolled out here, starting on the 1st Jan 2021. The main listing photo has to be on the white background, the other pictures can be on different backgrounds.

No logos in images or water marks from September i think.

Great timing, they should have waited until the Spring.


How did you find this info? I haven’t had an email.


I am a little confused by it all as I sell personalised items so can’t put an image on of the actual item for sale as they say we need too, and can’t seem to find anything on personalised items.


I received an email on the 13th July. I am copying and pasting it below. There were photo examples but i cant copy those.

Here is a copy of the email.

Amazon is going to begin enforcing two MAIN image requirements this year to help improve product discoverability and eligibility to be featured in Handmade Marketing Campaigns. The MAIN image is the primary image of your product. The MAIN image is what displays for a product in the search results and browse pages, and is the first image customers see on product detail pages.
MAIN images cannot have text, logo, graphics, or watermark
Effective: 8/31/2020

If your MAIN image features a text, logo, graphic, or watermark, you must upload a new MAIN image without the prohibited content by 8/31/2020 or risk being suppressed from Search. While this has always been an Amazon image requirement, ASINs violating the rule previously were not removed from Search. Please ensure all images meet the imaging guidelines to ensure there is no impact to your business and to provide a great experience for your customers.

Examples of images featuring text, logo, graphics, or watermarks that will no longer be allowed.

MAIN images must feature a pure white background
Effective: 12/31/2020

Amazon will begin requiring pure white backgrounds for MAIN images by 12/31/2020. We wanted to give you plenty of time to make the changes to your images prior to enforcing the change. Updating your MAIN image to a pure white background will increase deal eligibility and ensure consistency across the Amazon experience and product detail pages—RGB color values of 255, 255, 255.You can still feature lifestyle images as alternate images the customer will see on your detail page.

Need new MAIN images and not sure where to start?
Many Sellers use a photo studio box to take professional product photos from home. They provide a clean white background and a well lite surface to photograph your product. AmazonBasics offers a Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box but there are many options available to choose from depending on the product type.
Directions on how to update Images:

  1. Go to ‘Inventory’ > ‘Manage Inventory’
  2. Click ‘Edit’ and choose ‘Manage Images’ from the drop down

Once complete, hit ‘Save & Publish’

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Seller Support team for help.


Thank you so much, that’s very useful!

I’ve asked them why they haven’t emailed me. They’ve said they’re letting sellers know in batches. I just don’t understand why they think some sellers should have more notice than others?!? I’m coming into my busiest time of year and sell fairy lights which will be a nightmare to get to work on a white background so can’t believe they think it’s fair to not let all sellers know at the same time.


I’d love to know how they want me to have a pure white background behind one of my items that happens to be…pure white. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::rage:



I sell art prints, some of my listings are in “mockup” frames but it is made clear they do not get a frame with the purchase, just print only. But I scan my art to make prints and use that as the listing image. Is that ok or do I need to reduce the size and put on a white background? Is no background acceptable as in the art fills the frame? Hope that makes sense.


I think you would need to reduce the size slightly and put on a white background. I thought having a frame that the customer doesn’t get was a no no though? Main images are supposed to be only what the customer gets.

I would also think that no background also wouldn’t work as the bits that would be checking this probably wouldn’t realise there was no background as apposed to the wrong background?


I’ve just had a look at your shop. As most are rectangular, you can probably get away with having square images with white gap either top or sides if that makes sense?

I think the mock up frames are a no no. I know you’ve put at the bottom of the listiings that there is no frame but you can’t really do that on Amazon (and most won’t read it). Images should be only what people are getting. If not you could end up in trouble with too many negative feedbacks etc.

It’s probably worth sending a message to Handmade to clarify for your situation as Handmade support are usually pretty good.


Sorry “bits” should read bots!


We have items that are clear plastic that we engrave personalisations on, which shows as white. We put these on a plain white background as an experiment and they are completely invisible. I wonder if people will click on a plain white square out of curiosity though. I know I would but I am nosey.


I’ve just received the e-mail that extends our deadline for this until February, giving us more time. The e-mail answers some questions such as how to photograph clear or white items. There’s a picture of what they see as a successfully photographed clear glass and white bowl.

They look horrible!!

They have that grey looking, shot-in-monochrome appearance to them. Oh Amazon’s dazzling white background meets standard on these example pics…but the ITEMS look absolutely dire!

So, there’s a way to do it - but it looks terrible. Horrible move, Amazon Handmade.



Thank you for this as I have been doing numerous Photoshop courses and putting items on a white background makes them look really dull. Our only alternative seems to be to spend thousands of pounds on getting a professional photographer to take the pics but that just wouldn’t be viable.

Another thing I am worried about is the ‘no text’ on first pic as all of our items are personalised so they are shown with engravings etc so think that this could be picked up by the Amz Bots as text and then suppressed.


I should think text on the product is ok, bit like a label has text, I’m sure they mean no added text as in captions or extra information on the picture.

Have you tried adding a coloured card behind the object (or coloured water if a container) so the text stands out more, just remeber to put in the description the item is sold without contents and its for illustration purposes only.


Hi - don’t know what you are selling but I was really worried about this white background requirements. Trying to take pictures with a white background wasn’t very successful. I have however used the “Background Remover” from Canva and the result have been great to me (

You need the pro version to use that function but they offer a 30 day trial if you wish to just try it out!

Good luck!!



Hi I sell hand knitted items and a lot of them are white baby cothes. I agree the colour will not make the item stand out. Also if it is a scarf etc it will just look like a lump of knitting. I only heard about this yesterday.


I have put a coloured background behind the objects but with a white background elsewhere but am worried that people will still think that they are getting the colour of the background. Currently experimenting with adding shadows in Photoshop.


I’m so thankful for this thread as I STILL haven’t been emailed about this…


I had an email yesterday saying that due to sellers concerns the new white background requirement will not come into effect until end of Feb 2021.

Which is good gives us some breathing space but again like a lot of the rest of you some of my items are going to look like nothing on a white background. I sell a lot of clear items also.

Ive got myself a light box thing and i suppose i will have to do some test shots to see. But hardly any free time to do that. I might just leave my clear items until last and see if they get removed or not.