UK Handmade Image Requirements


Someone mentioned Canva to create a white background around your items - there is also a site called FotoFuze.

When you photograph your items you can put large white sheets of paper or panels of white foam board behind and under your item to get a start at a white background, then perfect the whiteness of that image by putting it through FotoFuze for pure white background.

So that’s one way to get the white background super white.

But I’m still super concerned (and grumpy!) about how white items will fare against white backgrounds.

There is a “shadow” feature in FotoFuze but even adding shadows still leaves much of the item blending into the white background if the item is pure white too, as shadows just can’t be around the entire thing.

I really think Amazon haven’t thought this through. And surely the whole concept of handmade should mean that shoppers welcome a different look to our item photos as opposed to manufactured good on the rest of “ordinary” Amazon? For us to have different backgrounds helps show a buyer that that pic coming up in results indicates a true handmade item. If I were Amazon I’d keep that difference going, not make everything the same look as non-handmade.


Hi you could always put a couple of images of completed peaces so people could see what they are like.


A good thing on amazon as well for images you can buy these mini photo booths for stock photos.


i actually just bought one of those as I’m about to launch on Ebay. Only a cheap one (£27) but gives impressive results.


Yea they seem really good mine arrived earlier in the week I was like a little kid setting it up and messing around with it lol


I sell large cobweb shawls around 50" square amongst other items, and most of my shawls are white so you can see the problem. I bought a photography background stand with black and white backdrops and 4 clamps on Ebay for about £23, which I can clip my shawls to. I wanted this so I can take my pictures outside which gives better results - no room in the house. I’ve also just had a practise shot at using the magic wand and eraser and it’s easier than I thought it would be as I thought the shawl edgings might be a problem. Just waiting for a clear dullish day now to take pictures (sunlight is too bright) or dappled sunshine. Annoying to have to do this for the main picture of every item.

I don’t know if anybody else has large items like this to photograph but this is my go-to plan for the moment!


We are in the UK and had that email in January this year stating it had to be changed by 31st August 2020. We changed our pictures over only after having 2 listings taken down by Amazon claiming the pictures were not in line with their policy.
I have noticed that other Handmade businesses have not changed their picture, whether they had the email or not is another question.
Why we got singled out is anyones guess!


I’m STILL waiting for an email…


Snap! If I hadn’t been coming into the forum, I would still be none the wiser!


Hi! I can’t find that email. What is the deadline, does it give a specific date?


As I’m in the UK I had to change my main image to be on a white background from about October. I held off originally but my items were ‘suppressed’ until I changed them to white background. A white garden ornament against a white background doesn’t work at all and my sales dropped from about 30 a week to nothing. Not a single sale since November. I hoped it was just the winter period although sales on Etsy where there isn’t this restriction have continued. Still nothing from Amazon. When I look around the other items for sale on handmade most of them are still using the old style of photographs showing the item ‘in situ’. Why are we being penalised and losing sales?


I cant find the email, my inbox gets too full so i must have deleted it. But it did say the deadline was extended until the 28th Feb 2021.

However having checked some of the seller on the main catalogue i have found many selling paper weights on non white backgrounds. I have to make all my listings to photograph them on white backgrounds and the way things are going i am not going to have time to do it this month.

I have got a light box thing, but it is the time to make each item for photography again…

They need to extend this deadline again to be honest. Its unfair if non handmade sellers are not all on white backgrounds to force it on us. I hope they can help us out with this, with all the shops closed in the UK now is not the time to put more pressure on us.


I don’t remember when exactly I heard about this whether it was a notification or an email, but I have another online store to run and was kept pretty busy over christmas so really didn’t want to be getting all of my inventory out and updating my whole store in the middle of the busiest period of the year! I left it until I had more time, and updated every main photo last week using the Amazon editing app on my phone, also changed over to free shipping as I thought that may be the best thing for this site. Still no sales. I don’t know whether I have been supressed or what’s going to happen moving forward, but am getting really concerned that my shop has died completely. Other jewellery sellers are still using their own photos without a white background and are ticking along nicely. What gives?


Hi you know if your item has been suppressed as it shows on your listing inventory as suppressed instead of active. When you correct the reason why it suppressed you it changes back to active quite quickly. As a few are saying the deadline was extended (I didn’t get that notification) I’ll set one of mine back to one of the original photos and see what happens.


OK so I changed my image back to the previous ‘nice one’ - showing my garden ornament in the garden instead of just on a white background and it was immediately suppressed. Guess it’s just us UK sellers that are being ‘suppressed’ then!! I think I’ll build my Etsy store up as Amazon obviously don’t want our business.


Oh thank you for your reply Bobbin Mill , yes I did have a couple of listings supressed but I’m out of stock of those items now anyway. Do you think perhaps having them there is affecting my visibility, should I perhaps delete the listings altogether?


No I don’t think they’d make any difference - I had inactive listings when I was selling well so I don’t think suppressed would make a difference.


oh well that’s a relief, thank you so much x


I just went back through all the ridiculous amounts of Amazon emails I have as I knew the requirement date was upcoming, and frankly with so many every day from them I wasn’t even sure I’d even had one about it!

I did find the original email with the “new image requirements” from mid-July 2020 (I’m in the UK btw) tho, and it said that main images have to have no text/watermark etc from end of Aug, and white backgrounds from end of Dec. Then I had an email on 1st Sept 2020 saying that the white background requirement had been extended until 28th Feb 2021 now.

I haven’t done mine as yet but I bought a collapsible white box years back (which I never used as it was rubbish) so I guess I’ll dig it out again over the next couple of weeks :-/


I’ve just looked at one of your listings and you don’t have “Handmade” on your listing. You have your logo under the buy box but most UK Handmade sellers have the word “Handmade” in blue font in the top left of the lising page (when viewed on PC). Your listing doesn’t have the word Handmade on it at all apart from in your own description. Compare your listing to other Handmade sellers, especially those with non white background pictures.

I wonder if you have been partially migrated out of the Handmade section?