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Hi, does anyone know if the 20% tax charged on the invoice is a UK VAT that can be recovered via UK VAT return?
What is the Amazon’s UK VAT number? I can’t see such info on the invoice copy


I believe that you are right but for any questions regarding VAT returns, I would advise you to ask a professional accountant who will be able to give you the best advice.

Amazon UK VAT Number is GB 727255821.


Yes, Amazon shifted the Advertising arm to UK VAT a while back.


As far as I am aware Amazon do not charge VAT for VAT registered sellers. Also noticed international business customers do not pay VAT, this applies to orders that are shipped from the UK to Germany for example.

If the company is VAT registered they have to legally show the VAT number on all invoices which includes the name, address, etc etc. There is a simplified version for items below £250. If the information is not available contact them to resubmit the invoice.

Alny VAT related queries are usually dealt with by our accountants.


They do charge Vat on their advertising charges as this is from their UK arm - but it can be claimed back on the Vat return.


Yes they started charging VAT a while back on advertising (sponsored ads), I believe that you can claim this back. It’s just if you are VAT registered the VAT on fees is automatially stopped, I think it’s called reverse charge so you won’t get charged on that.

You can download the proper invoice with the VAT number: Reports > Tax Document Library

On the left you will see ‘Product Ads VAT Invoice’ and select the one which you require.


Does the cost concerning campaign spend in Campaign Manager includes VAT or is it just media spend?

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