UK VAT registration For Indian Sellers


Hi, I have applied to Amazon VAT Services for UK VAT registrations.
And one of the requirement is I need to submit “Certificate confirming your business activities”

I have copied and quoted the requirment below

""Certificate confirming your business activities
Upload 1 original copy. For multiple pages, upload as a single file.
Contact your local tax authority and request official letters on headed paper indicating: a) Your name and address, b) Your Trading Name and c) Explicit confirmation that you are a self-employed sole-trader. “”

From whom should I get this letter from?

I submitted my GST Certificate, Import Export Certificate, my MSME Certificate but all were rejected, saying ““Wrong document: This is not a trade register, please provide the right document.””


The documents that has been requested by Amazon are from UK, because this is what I have submitted from UK when i opened my account, same way I try to sell in India but requesting Indian GST registration this is again not easy from UK. I Think You can’t VAT register in UK with out UK or EU Location.


This is not true about the location. Anyone from any country can register for VAT and you just have to provide the correct documents however the correct filling of the official forms can be complicated sometimes. As also being a non-EU seller I consulted with few providers about this but the best response I got was from the company named Lovat Compliance.
They send me the list of docs needed for registration and consulted me online if my documents are correct absolutely for free but I also decided to leave the application for VAT on them. Can recommend and leaving a link just in case it may be useful for someone too :


Have you got resolution for the same?


I got my UK VAT registration done. We dont need UK or EU office location. What they need is Indian GST certificate. GST certificate is enough nothing else is needed.

The problem here is they need GST certificate to be issued with in last 60 days. So if your GST certificate is old they wont accept it, to solve this you need to do a non core amendment or some kind of update or change to your GST via GST portal, by doing this the date on your GST certificate changes. And this they will accept as the Date now will be with in last ‘60 days’


i am new seller on amazon UK. we are trying from 2 months to reactivate the seller account but we didn’t. we are requested you to please help us to reactivate my account.


Your question is not about VAT registration so no-one is going to read it and you’re not supposed to jump on other sellers’ threads, anyway. Create your own topic, with more detail explaining why your account was deactivated and you might get some advice