UK vs EU FBA sales


Can anyone roughly speaking tell me what is the revenue for PAN EU FBA versus your UK FBA. Am about to go in 5 territories and am trying to forecast stock - is it the same, half, less, more? Any views would be appreciated!


For me EU FBA is 65-70% but I started before Brexit so I am not sure how it would work for new starters in EU FBA


Ok thanks - this is so helpful.


Surely the best way to do this, would be to look at the totals compared that Amazon sell.
ie. Does the German site sell more than the UK and so on.
But so much of this will depend on exactly what your selling and how it compares in other countries.
One item might fly in the UK, but only sell once a year in another country.
All you can really do, is to send a few, see how it goes and then modify as you progress.


Yes agree - for the guidance.