Unable to add new products


Have been with Amazon Homemade for over 4 years and today I tried to copy a product and worryingly I get the message ‘Sorry, the ability to create a listing for this item is restricted.’

So I then tried to just add a new product and once I select the category I then also get the restricted message.

Does anyone else have the same issue? thanks



Seems to be a site wide glitch today
@Jessica sorry another glitch, this time with the ‘add a product’ page


ok, thanks for the update. so relieved it’s not just me.

I did manage to list one product about an hour ago, but since then, I am getting the restricted message.


Just been reading the other forum post, and it mentions the brand and now that I’m thinking about it, when I copied my product it was prompting me to enter a brand (does not usually do this) but I selected ‘generic’. Then I selected customisation and I then got the restricted message.

Looking at my other listing I do set my own brand as they are homemade products, so could this have broke something on my account or would this be a system wide bug?


Im having the same issues (panic) as you.

I sell "generic’ products designed and manufactured by me (posters and prints) within the Home and Kitchen category.

I currently have around 50 or so listings that I set up over two years ago to test the water on amazon with. Today decided to expand my listing quantity and applied for the exemption within the required category which was granted immediately. As soon as I began the listing process the page jumped and I received the same message as you.

I decided to try the chat help and was informed that Amazon no longer allow the creation of new listings in my category. He could provide no notification statements proving this and I really think he was talking rubbish as I cant imagine for one moment that Amazon will not allow the sale of posters and prints!

Hopefully it is a bug otherwise my Amazon business is finished before ive started!


Just to add to this, I get the same error message when I try to copy a listing too.



Hopefully they sort it soon!


yes!!! i have been pulling my hair out all afternoon!


We have been having the same issue this evening. We have opened a case but no response as yet. We only sell handmade items by ourselves but we are locked out of everything we have noticed. Hopefully this is just a glitch and will be fixed quickly fingers crossed.

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