Unable to dispose of stock located in Spain


When I generate my daily inventory report using inventory ledger, I can see that there is one unit located in Spain.

I don’t sell to Spain or use the Spanish site to sell anything.

All, I want to do is dispose of the stock but when I go to Manage FBA inventory , no quantity is available for removal under “fulfillable” or “unfulfillable”. I also cannot send to a Spanish address. No units are available for selecting. Yet the status in the inventory report is Sellable.

I have also tried to use an remove inventory upload file but that seems to require the address fields to be filled up.

This has been going on for months, I am being charged storage and I can’t seem to get anywhere with just removing the item.


You need to do the disposal via file upload




Yes, I have attempted to do this but I am getting errors.

What I don’t understand about the template and requirements is that “disposal” is indeed an option but the template always requires certain fields to be completed such as “address name”, “address city”. This makes no sense to me as obviously, with disposal we don’t usually provide that.


You have to fill in all columns

Check if you are selecting sellable or unsellable stock


It is sellable in the inventory report.

But what should I add in the address columns when I am disposing off it?!


Your address …


But removals require an address not disposals.

I thought a disposal is where Amazon gets rid of the item for you and therefore no address is needed. I don’t expect to see the item every again!


You just need to enter your address as its the same form for removals and disposals
They’re not going to return them, they just need you to fill in the boxes


Ok… I think I have managed to submit now. Thanks for your help


It went through and is showing in removal reports but has now moved to Status:Merchant Cancelled


Amazon have cancelled it
Try again and if it doesn’t work, try as unsellable

I had to do mine about 3 times