Unable to list items for sale due to "limited account activity" - i've updated my details, when will my account be reactivated, please?


I hope someone can help. I’m trying to sell some of my DVDs and Blu Rays via Amazon Marketplace, not as a brand or supplier but just to try to make a few ££ and clear some space at home. I’ve managed to list a few items but it won’t let me carry on listing. A page appears,which says:

“Due to limited account activity, your ability to create listings has been disabled. To restore your ability to create listings, please click on Replace Charge Method to either add a new credit card or select an existing credit card. Processing time may take up to 48 hours.”

I have since updated my new credit card information, and waited about 5 hours to see if/when this will be updated, but it looks like this hasn’t happened. I’m not in any great rush, but was just wondering, now i’ve updated my details, how long does Amazon take to reactivate my seller account, please?
Many thanks in advance.


In their message it says it may take up to 48 hours. So I’d wait that long and see what happens.


Here’s a previous reply to the same question…

Some sellers see this message when their seller central account has been dormant for a while and the system is looking for the seller to reactivate it. This can be done by re-entering bank/credit card details in your seller central > settings.

Even if the bank/card details have not changed, the system is merely looking for the same details to be re-entered as a means to re-boot the account as such.

A seller may see an alert to this effect in their seller central.

You may need to wait up to 48 hours for the system to update once the details have been entered. It is also advisable to clear your browser cache/cookies before logging in again after the 48 hours.

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