Unable to replenish or to create new listing!


I am a registered brand on Amazon UK. I manufacture and produce the products that I sell. Since Jan2020 and for some obscure reasons, Amazon has been putting restrictions on my account and as of 2 days ago i am out of stock. I have been trying to replenish and amazon customer services haven’t been responding at all!
My product was consistently Amazon’s choice and ranked 14 in the foreign language best seller.

has anyone had issues restocking and creating new listings?


No noticed any issues have you had any negative feedback or customer complaints recently


I have 16 reviews 15 of which are 5* and 1 is 4*. no returns so far and sold around 200 items in 6 months…
Customer support now has just stopped answering. starting Jan i couldn’t edit my listing and read that many are having this issue for toys, so i requested the approval and submitted practically everything and yet no clear answer… so am out of stock and can’t put any other listings …


Hi, yes it’s a restricted catagory did you request approval at the beginning?
It is due to be updated according to one of the news feeds the other day but that’s not until 2nd week of july


Thank you Peter for your response. I requested approval 3 times so far since jan 2020. however, i wasn’t prompted to do so when i started selling my product. something must have triggered in jan.
my last attempt was an email from amazon to wait for 2-3 working days (but that was 3 weeks ago). I followed up asking if there has been any updates… but radio silence

i even asked for a call… but no calls were received…


What category is it?

Things are forever changing I went to send something to FBA the other day and it said Hazmat review needed but no option to add so emaild SS along with all the supporting docs and I got a reply saying something along the lines of its only open to certain sellers on invite only but they have let thier colleagues know I am interested then today it come back as approved they certainly keep us on our toes Amazon has its majors plus sides but also a fair few frustrations.


thanks Peter… exactly.
this is my listing: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Alaabi-Ltd-Arabic-Alphabet-Puzzle/dp/B07TKN7XD4
and my company websiteL daradam.com … all very genuine… been in the news etc and yet amazon didn’t like that! will keep trying because i do want to understand the reason. it is just unfair!


Very pretty little peace there BTW we’ll done.

Yes you keep at it I know the news on amazon said sellers may need to Re-apply for some catagory such as toys but this was not supposed to be to mid July.

Make sure you constantly check status and double check every document before sending