Unable to search my product in amazon without applying filters


My product cannot be searched in amazon without being filtered by its category. Before I can search for it without applying any filters. Hope to resolve this the soonest. Thank you!


Hi finding a low ranking item in Amazon can be diicult by search - we have a couple with BSR between 400-750 and even them can appear on page 2 and 3 sometimes - for me I tend to just check by ASIN if its a low ranking one that its live.


Thank you for your response. Mine is a new product so definitely it’s a low-ranked item. However, even finding it every page until the last, it doesn’t appear - with my search string matching my set values of course. It will only appear if I filter the category (let’s say Beauty).


If its beauty check check it’s actually live in listing as some catagories are restricted.
Search using ASIN and check you have the country set right.


My classification is Beauty > Skin Care > Face > Toning Devices - which is not restricted. When I go to Manage FBA inventory, I can see that the product is active and when I click on the product name / ASIN, i am redirected to Amazon.co.uk and can see my product. However, when I search my product name, it doesn’t appear on the list results. The only time i can see my product is when I filter the classification which is not the usual way ( I suppose) of buyers when searching for products in amazon. What’s more tricky here is when I select Beauty, it doesn’t appear on the result as well, but gets it when I select Health and Personal Care. I’ve been trying to resolve this for weeks already, I hope I can fix this the soonest. Thanks in advanced for the inputs.


Hi so it sounds like item is only available on UK so to search further you would need to change the country in your amazon buying account located on the left below search bar.


Yes, my item is only available for UK market as I set my product up in sellercentral.amazon.co.uk. I’m trying to search it in Amazon.co.uk site.


Hi you may not be able to find it by title as mentioned especially in such a saturated catagory it will appear higher after sales and improved keywords and or advertising.
If it is searchable via ASIN and you can see it’s active. If it is showing in the wrong category you would have to Ask SS to amend this for you.


Thanks Peter, that makes sense. Have a nice day!