Unable to verify existing bank account details. Please provide the correct information and submit again


every time i try and put my iban and bic information into deposit methods and keep getting the error

Unable to verify existing bank account details. Please provide the correct information and submit again.

can anybody inform me on what i am doing wrong i have payments waiting from different countries


Are you trying to replace a previously entered deposit method?

If yes, you will need to firstly verify that you are authorised to make this change by providing the old bank account number in full.


i did talk to sellers team now ,
it is not first time .
i conclude with they remove all bank details.
then put the same card details again . all the channel accept it.
but i have doubt it is okay or not.
because in the information this time i have not IBAN no. although it took it and submitted.

lets see what happen.


Did it work? I have the same issue and have tried putting old account in first but won’t accept either. How do you get to speak to one of the team as I can find no contact details anywhere!!!


Im having same trouble with confirming old account details. Could anyone please advise jow exactly i put in IBAN details (whatever that is).


Here is the place in your account were you can update your deposit method:


In order to be able to do this, you will firstly need to verify your identity by entering the previous bank account number in full.

The definition and more information about what does IBAN stand for can be found here: https://www.paiementor.com/iban-number-definition-structure-and-checker/.

If you are unable to provide it for any reason, open a case with the Seller Support and they will offer you a different way how to do this - by supplying some documents to verify your identity.

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