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Hi I realise my amazon seller account had been suspended and deactivated, I received an alert saying that my payments account has failed the verification process and I will no longer be able to sell in UK Marketplace or European Market places, and that the decision was final and was not subject to appeal although I received no prior notifications or warnings. It was never made clear to me why this had happened. I was in the process of registering my business as a sole proprietorship and perhaps I took too long to state my business type, if this were the case I could’ve explained that I would be a registered sole trader soon. I also received an alert on my phone from my amazon seller account app, saying that I was suspected of intellectual property violations. I was also not prematurely warned about this issue. In relation to the suspension and deactivation of my account I am unable to sell my product:

  • ASIN: B07XYX69ZN

I would like to revert what the issue was. Please get back to me on what I can do now to reactivate my account.


What makes you think Amazon do not mean what they say?
There does not appear to be room for appeal here so there is nothing you can do to reactivate.

Post your notices from Amazon though just in case they have left you a glimmer of hope that the forum can advise on

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