Unfair feedback that I'm not able remove (blamed for things I'm not responsible for)


Hello everyone, unfortunately a month ago I received a 1 star feedback about faults that are not mine (delay in the delivery, damaged packaging etc).

I requested a removal of the feedback and it wasn’t removed.

I contacted the buyer and I was ignored.

I called amazon and asked what to do and I was given a seller-central email to contact, but unfortunately I only received automatic replies, where they suggest to use the Feedback manager.

What do I do? Keep it?


If you contact CS again about feedback removal your account could be suspended.Forget it & move on.


Use feedback manager to ask for removal.
If that doesn’t work, escalate.
And as a final point if still not resolved, you can escalate to the MD.
Don’t keep opening cases about it, or you will at the least receive a warning, or a worst, a suspension.

But unless it really impacts you, forget it and move on.

Is this the feedback you are talking about?

“item arrived almost a week late. and the package was damaged so the corner of the hardcover part was torned. To get my money back, I should send this item back. What an awful service from amazon.co.uk. goodbye never buying a used book from amazon.co.uk again”

If so, I doubt that you will get it removed. It mentions too many things.
If it was specific to delivery, then you would be able to.
Your still at 98% positive for the year, so I would suggest you just forget about it.


Yes, that is the feedback. Too many things but none of them were my responsibility.
What is MD?


OP, it is your responsibility as the packaging is no enough. Did you bubble wrap the book? did you put that in a good snudge box? Learn and move on.

btw. MD is managing director


I’m an FBA seller so Amazon takes care of all of that.
And how do I get in touch with the managing director? Maybe it’s a bit too much for a problem like this? I don’t know…


The goods did not reach the buyer in good condition. Whose fault is it if not the seller?

You chose the packing and wrapped the goods.
You chose the courier service that would handle the goods you wrapped for protection.

Somewhere in the above process it failed - hence you take responsibility. You are responsible regardless of which individual person actually dropped the package and ran over it with the delivery vehicle.

Accept this truth or quit selling on line.


Again, I’m an FBA seller. I don’t do the packaging. Amazon takes care of that.


did you send in the book that can do the drop tests as outline in the FBA prep videos?

We have items which is already retail packed quite well and yet we had 40% lost when we first started with FBA; checked in ok but damage in transit. So we put on extra bagging before sending it in and the problem stopped. Other sellers obviously did not do the same as they all disappear in short period of time in the last 2 years, one will pop up then gone and then another/gone.

just accept it and learn. That ASIN got good margin but not good enough to have 40% damage; so we make sure it is now 0% damage.


Amazon may send the goods.
However, look at the feedback you have received.
It doesn’t comply with any of the policies for removal.
Why are you even so concerned about it? You still have good feedback and it’s not hitting you that hard.
Is it really worth the headache, to battle over it?

And yes, Amazon do send the item, but you are responsible for sending it to Amazon with suitable protection. Amazon only, put it in a box. Unless you pay for the prep service, it is your responsibility.


Unfortunately, these are classed as seller faults ( direct or indirect) as sellers are responsible for selecting the couriers, by extension the couriers service is the problem of the sellers, so delays, damage packaging, is the fault of the seller

**note, I am not saying I agree with the above, it is just the way it is .


We’re talking about books. Unless specifically required by amazon, they don’t have to be polybagged. Also another detail, the book was sold in Acceptable conditions.


OP already stated this is a FBA order, so your comments are not applicable. The only point that might be in discussion is that OP did not pack the item sufficient for FBA drop test; so that it has the best protection possible.


as stated before, one of the ASIN already has a thin cardboard retail pack. Those got damaged in transits and Amazon is not reimbursing even though it pass their checked in process.

you can keep zero in on Amazon did not pack your item or the courier is chucking it across the fence line; so it is not your fault. Or you accept it that Weather report say it is drizzle so you go out without your umbrella and a thin coat but it ended up blowing a gale and you nearly drowned even though it got a strong wind and raining hard when you stepped out. Weather report can be wrong and you are responsible in protecting yourself and look after your health.


I’m all for a metaphor, especially a radio 4 whether report. In Amazon land it is always sunshine.

Personally, as a kid, I way overestimated how much of my adult life would be spent in karate fights :smiley:


would have been sensible and helpful to mention the FBA part in your first post, but hey ho never mind glad we cleared that up.


You need to email: managingdirector@amazon.co.uk

BUT first thing you MUST do is note that this was Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and NOT fulfilled by you, so AMAZON are liable and the feedback is for Amazon fulfilment not packing it and it getting damaged.

Ask for the feedback to be ‘struck through’ (it is not removed, a line through it and it does not count in your metrics).

If you had sent this, then the feedback would not be able to be removed.


which you had not written at the time I posted - if you have a look.

and - btw - everything I wrote is still correct and relevant from the Buyer’s point of view and hence is NOT unfair feedback. What Amazon choose to do about it is another matter entirely. You do know they are a law unto themselves - and that law is the law of the wild west where the biggest and fastest gun always wins out, for which I am sad to say, your peashooter is far from adequate. This is Amazon World, no safer than West World. !


I chose the Fulfilment by Amazon section of the forum for that specific reason. I thought it was the section for the FBA sellers, and there was no need to specify that once again.


Do you think such a request is more effective than asking for the removal?