Unfair feedback that I'm not able remove (blamed for things I'm not responsible for)


If the feedback about the packaging , delay etc, the feedback will not be removed. You have already tried to remove it and it did not work, so my honest advice is that to move on and forget about it.

If you try to escalate the complaint , your account will be under scrutiny for any faults such as negative feedback, reviews, returns, buyers comments against you etc and you will be suspended.


You can repeat it as many times as you like. Ethically and legally, the responsibility is yours and you have delegated it to Amazon. The buck stops with you.


isn’t one of the few FBA advantages tho that amazon is meant to remove feedback strictly relating to the FBA delivery? :nerd_face:


I have always thought either the striking through or removal of FBA feedbacks was unfair and anti competitive. Feedback should be about the customer experience and if they comment and score a delivery undertaken by Amazon themselves it should be allowed to stand as it would for any other supplier and courier


I got this negative, and it was for a SFP when we have to use Royal mail, via Amazon, but they refused to remove it:- " Royal Mail worse ever delivery company, they cannot be bothered to deliver the parcel just put a card to collect item. Won’t order again if your company use Royal mail. To much hassle!!!"

I just cannot be bothered these days. Not worth the energy anymore to fight them.


As a seller i have had an unfair feedback and yes it does hurt especially when you take pride in what you do and the feedback is unfair.

If the packaging has failed then make the packaging better and more protective of the contents.
When I first started out on Amazon I always kept some prepacked parcels in the boot of my car and when away miles from home I often sent parcels back to my home via Royal Mail and Hermes so I could see just how well the packaging protected the contents etc.

As for the feedback, just forget about it, move on and focus on the future in getting better feedback ratings.


You are absolutely correct and therefore totally vindicated in your subsequent comments


Sorry but feedback relating to non delivery or INR should go on Amazon’s account not the sellers. Amazon strike through feedback and say they are taking responsibility, so if that’s the case they should do exactly that and own the feedback themselves.

There is a world of difference between using FBA and using your own courier because with FBA Amazon control the whole customer experience and deal with customer service, your own courier does not.

However, what I really object to is when Chinese FBA sellers get negs struck through when they are selling fake products. That is a bad experience caused directly by the seller and Amazon should not be massaging their feedback and facilitating these crooks to commit fraud.


same thing happened to me and amazon are responsible for the flimsy packaging but they did not remove it as the buyer received a ‘damaged item’ they seem to want us to have the terrible feedback they receive


If Amazon fulfilled the order they normally take responsibility and remove the feedback?


we even had one that said “no idea” with shipment marked as “not received”! NOT REMOVED or STIKE THROUGH


We received this from seller support recently … take the last point up with them on an appeal

Since buyer feedback is a direct reflection of their Amazon shopping experience, we can only remove feedback for these reasons:

  • Contains obscene language.
  • Contains seller-specific, personally identifiable information.
  • Entire feedback comment is a product review.
  • Entire feedback comment is about fulfillment or customer service for an order fulfilled by Amazon.


If you used Amazon FBA or it was a seller fulfilled Prime order and use Amazon logistics then your feedback will be struck through.

If you are fulfilling yourself and shipping using your own courier then the feedback will be correct although you are not responsible it is your responsibility to package the item using suitable packaging that will withstand crushes knocks etc etc and it was your choice of courier so again you should ensure they are a decent courier.

If parcel arrives damage and late always offer the customer a free return and a full refund or replacement etc etc

You won’t get this feedback removed unless its FBA or SFP or Amazon was the courier.



The feedback removal procedure is:

The normal request

If that fails appeal

If the appeal fails and only then email the Managing Director email address.

As you said this is FBA, they should have already stuck through the bad feedback. Amazon should take responsibility for its delivery failure.

Point out that the item must have been ok when delivered to them, Amazon check them, so it was an issue with FBA process in delivery to the Buyer, and as such the feedback should be not counted against you.

(If this was SFP, or fulfulled by you in any way, then the feedback would not be removable or struck through) - this is the 1 main advantage of FBA, having feedback struck through, which I hate FBA



As mentioned above, Appeal and if that fails, email the MD, as long as Amazon FBA delivery issue, they need to strike through the feedback

You need to complain, as they will not know the procedures are not working otherwise (always be polite and to the point)


I find this reasoning unfathomable. Feedback is meant to reflect the customer experience. As a customer why would I care if an item barring damaged is because of an Amazon machine or employee or on the other hand clumsy handing by a postman or My Hermes driver. In both cases the appropriate feedback should stand.

As sellers we have to delegate some part of our fulfillment process to third party contractors and accordingly accept the risk that things occasionally go wrong. I don’t see any difference between using FBA as that third party or for instance Royal Mail. Except for the following, that if a seller uses Royal Mail she at least retains control over the packaging. If she uses FBA she is also sacrificing control over packaging as well as delivery. Therefore extra jeopardy is built in to the FBA model. As before I see no good reason for feedbacks to be either removed or struck through simply because a seller uses FBA. this practice is against customer interests and is anti-competitive


And so I don’t have to fear to email the MD. No risk of them getting upset and suspending my account?

So emailing seller-performance was useless…


Some good valid points in that reply for sure. I understand that complaint is about the policy in that the item was shipped via Amazon shipping and for that part of the feedback about delivery is not the sellers fault and should be removed?

As for anti-competitive, then I’m all for Amazon treating their shipping equally.

Best wishes


Well if we are talking about things being against customer interests and being anti-copetative what about Amazon refusing to publish their own feedback?.. It doesn’t get much worse than that.



All I can say is that it is not really the Managing Director. But it is to a person, and they tend to be quite good, most times. I have used a number of times.

Do not email unless you know it is to Amazon policy and you will win.

Do not email unless you have raised a case, lost, and appeal and lost.

Be brief, but in full, as they will not be bothered reading all previous information.

Hope you win this time as you should do, as FBA issue in full as far as I can see.