Unfair situation about a-ั claim and Amazon do not do anything


I have one az claim with unfair situation.The situation is that my client has been closed az claim. And after some minutes when he done it, I have returned to him the money. But no matter of that fact that client has been closed the claim, my account have a defect rate.
Today I get message from amazon that I have defect account rate, because when I returned the money to the client, the claim was opened. And that means that I admit that I am guilty.
But to that moment when I was returning the money to the client he was closing the claim. But probably amazon system did not saw it. Because I have retainer the money after some minutes when he closed the claim.
Amazon support understand this, but they can not do nothing with it. And this situation is really not fair.
Does amazon sellers have some protective rights? What can I do if all the truth is at my side. And only because of the amazon technical mistakes I have account defect rate!


Unfortunately for you refunding an order after a claim has been opened, even if it is subsequently withdrawn by the buyer, is still seen as an admission of โ€œguiltโ€ by the seller and the defect will remain.
You needed to act PRIOR to the A-Z, or once it was opened you needed to defend it and let Amazon adjudicate.
At the point the claim was opened your incentive to refund disappeared.


This is the way Amazon operate - not nice - not fair - it is what it is.
Follow @Adrian advice the next time it happens.


But what is the point to communicate with client, to resolve the situation, if in the result I will be Guilty?
Do we as the sellers have some right?
I have similar situations at Spain account, and the decisions from Amazon was โ€œthey have taken the money for the client, the status was granted. But they wrote at their decision that they will not defect my account rateโ€
France Amazon do not listen my emails. They are telling that they can not take off my account rate and thatโ€™s it.
But in reality they can! they do not want to understand my cases, they do not research the messages with client. They do Nothing!


Hi @fightstyleeu,

Order defect rate is calculated automatically via our systems each time any negative feedback, A-Z claims or service charge back is raised on the account.

In scenarios where our sellers do not agree with the raised issue on the account, Amazon has provided with a provision to dispute the same with reasoning.

In your case, the buyer has withdrawn the claim, however, there was an issue because of which the claim was raised on the account. So,we would expect you to help us understand the reason for the issue on the account.

Why did the buyer raise the claim?

What issue did the buyer face?

Followed by the steps taken to resolve the issue.

How did you resolve the issue raised on the account?

What steps were taken to resolve the issue?

Also, for future endeavors,

What is the proactive steps you will take to ensure this issue is not repeated on the selling account?

Do you have a checklist to ensure that all the products released from your end meets customer expectation as displayed in our product detail page?

It would be in the best interest of the account to proactively help us with the explanation of the raised claim on the account along with the solution provided.

Hope this answers your question,

Good Day



The situation was: My client has been bought item using express shipping (shipping for money). After when he get the parcel. He send the return request with reason "bought by mistake"and in comments he wrote, that he do not understand why he have so expensive shipping. I have accepted return request, and I have explained him why he have shipping costs. I have send to him screenshot with his order where he could see that he has been chosen express shipping for money. Client admitted at his messages that it was his mistake, and he kindly asking to me to buy ti him shipping label. Amazon have a table with "who pays in each situations"and in situation "bought by mistake"for return shipping pays customer . I have wrote about this to the client. But I did not wanted to make some negative thought about my service, and I have offer that I can return to him his shipping costs for express delivery. I have returned delivery money. it was 18 November. 10 of December he opened az claim that item have a defect. Please note how much time has been passed.
After he opened az claim I have wrote the him and have offer to him that I can return to him all the money, and he can not to send to me the item back. But All what I am asking is to close the az claim. He agree to close the az claim. And he did it! I get the message from amazon that claim was closed. After some minutes when he closed the claim I have returned to him the money as I was promised to him. Client even has been left feedback with 5 stars. So he was happy with results.
Claim has a status closed. And everything was ok. But after some days I find out that my account has a defect rate because if this claim. I have wrote to performance team, but I get the standard message that they will not take off their decision. I was writing yesterday to support team, and they admitted that I have defect rate because I have made money refund when system was thinking that status is not closed. And they admitted it. They have read my messages with client, they understand that situation is not fair but they can not take my defect rate off.
I had some situation at Spain amazon, and if the system has been taken decision to defect account rate. But in reality I was right. Amazon has been research the case and they always has been taken off account defect rate. France amazon saying that they can not do it. But I know that they can!
To avoid this situations in future I will asking the photos from the client with picture where the item is really defect. I did not asked it to the customer, so I did not get any proofs is he right or not. I will not make money refund after the client will closing az claim. I will wait some hours till the system will see that claim is really closed.
I am sure in all my items, I am selling good quality clothes, so I am sure fro them because when I am sending the item I always checking what I am sending and in what condition it is. So in future I will do the same as I done before.

Best regards


Fidak meant that you need to send this info to Amazon [in a more readable format than the one your present here] not that you should post it all here.