Unfairly treated by Customer, what are my options


Order dispatched to France, Customs receive, but order gets delayed, within 4 days of this customer was sending me emails , wanting another one sent out if not he will give me bad review, on the last day of recommended delivery time allowed by Amazon , i refunded him in full, he was still not happy and threatened me with him having a lot of followers on face book and twitter and would tell everyone on social media about me if i did not send him another, 2 days later he received the original order, he now has the item and a full refund and left a very bad review also, this to me is very bad and at my wits end that people can get away with this, i have asked him to remove feedback and pay for the item, but he refuse now to answer any messages, is there any thing i can do ?


I’m affraid as long as his rewiev doesn’t violate Amazon’s Policy there is not much you can do. The only option is to write an open answer.
Good luck!


This is blackmail and coercion. Regardless of the Amazon experience, threatening this sort of behaviour outside of the platform is not acceptable. It is unlikely you will get the feedback removed as it stands. However, I would open a new case with seller support and provide the evidence you have mentioned here.


thank you i agree, i find this blackmailing too and so upsetting as i am so honest with people in wanting to help buyers, yet with words they are allowed to shoot you down

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