Unfulfillable FBA inventory


I’ve recently had some FBA inventory returned to me following a removal order which I initiated. The removal order was created as a result of the inventory being reported as unsellable. This was inventory that had not already been sold and returned, but simply sent in to Amazon FBA. I have inspected the returned items and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them, so I intend to send them back. They are in exactly the same condition as other stock I am sending which is not causing any problems.

Is there anything I can do to challenge the decision that this stock was considered unsellable, as obviously I’ve now paid to have it returned and will be paying again to send it back?


Raise a case and ask them.
They should be able to give you a reason as to why it became unsellable.


Hi @ Red_Rock_Games,

Thank you for reaching out!

Did you open a case with the Seller Support as @ NEil suggested?

Please keep us updated!

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