Unfulfillable Inventory




Thanks a lot for the email ID @ The_Little_Shop … I will be dropping them an email


Also I created a new case yesterday and got an response this morning - I will post a little bit of what’s written, is this allowed?

I realise that you’re trying to remove inventory. The reason that you can’t is that several of our fulfilment centres are storing returns and unsellable units in temporary locations.

We’re doing so because of higher-than-expected volumes of returns and unsellable units. The inventory will be stored in these locations until the fulfilment centres have enough capacity in their main buildings.

While your inventory is stored in a temporary location:

  • Your items will not be disposed of (until they are moved into the main fulfilment centre).

  • You won’t be able to remove items through Seller Central.

  • You might receive emails instructing you to remove unsellable units before they are disposed of.

You can check the status after 14 business days to see when your items are available for removal.

If you have automated removal settings enabled and configured, the removal begin processing as soon as these units are moved to the main building.

Regarding your Inventory being classified as Hazardous Material (Hazmat), kindly note that you cannot select this ASIN to be returned to your address as this has been classified as Hazardous Material.

  • SS have attached screenshots of what I sent them regarding only option I am getting is to dispose them, and the advisor is telling me to dispose them as Return to Address is greyed out - they are not serious are they?