Upcoming changes to the Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement and programme policies


We are notifying you of some updates to the Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement and our programme policies, effective January 1, 2021.

We are updating the Amazon Business invoicing policy to reflect the addition of a free automated solution, for selling partners who do not have an obligation to register for VAT in the EU or the UK, to comply with the Amazon Business invoicing policy. The new solution will automatically generate a receipt by Amazon on behalf of selling partners for all of their orders, and will make the receipts directly available to customers via their Amazon account.

We are also updating the Amazon marketplace fair pricing policy to provide more examples about pricing practices that harm customer trust with reference to shipping fees.

Additionally, we are updating the programme policies listed below, to reflect certain changes related to the new trading relationship between the UK and the EU, changes in laws in the UK following Brexit, and to consolidate and clarify certain provisions regarding tax. We have also clarified your obligations to provide us with certain business details that may affect tax calculations on Amazon fees and, where applicable, on your transactions.

The following programme policies are being updated on the above basis:

  • Amazon Intellectual Property Policy
  • VAT Agreement
  • Europe Tax and Regulatory Considerations
  • FBA Export Programme Policy, and Terms and Conditions
  • Using Hyperwallet with Amazon Terms and Conditions
  • Amazon Renewed Programme Terms
  • Amazon Vine Terms and Conditions
  • Amazon Business Supplier Programme Terms and Conditions
  • Amazon Responsible Person Service Terms and Conditions

Finally, we are also updating certain content within the overall Product Guidelines programme policy, to reflect regulatory changes for product compliance related to Brexit.

For Amazon’s latest guidance and updates on Brexit, refer to our Brexit help page.

We encourage you to review the upcoming changes on the Changes to programme policies page and the Changes to the Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement page.

Your continued use of Selling Services after January 1, 2021 constitutes your acceptance of the changes.

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