Upcoming fee increases for small + light


So the upcoming increases to small + light fees are extremely worrying. For example extra large envelope from £1.76 to £2.79 , that is a crazy increase all in one go and will destroy many margins. It reminds me of the increases brought in by Ebay years ago which eventually destroyed the platform for sellers. What are your thoughts?


Unfortunately thoughts won’t change anything
Up your prices or see if FBM is cheaper
There’s nothing we can do about price increases

Out of interest though, what ebay increases are you talking about ?


Maybe i’m misunderstanding the changes. Are they saying they will use either dimensional weight or unit weight (which ever is higher) rather than dimensional weight and unit weight to determine which size tier each item falls into.

For example Extra large envelope was

≤ 33 x 23 x 6 cm ≤ 225g - dimensional weight and unit weight

On their most recent post they leave out the dimensions and simple write

Extra-large envelope ≤ 960 g -

so are we now tiered based on whichever is higher unit or dimensional weight? Or have they just left out the dimension requirements.

link here



Actually, it’s not as bad as I originally thought using Extra-large Envelope as an example, it seems to be rising from £1.76 to £2.09 which is acceptable. If you scroll down to small and light you can see this.


the small margins i had are now being wiped out - will not buy some of these products again and will probably make a loss of some - not happy with such an increase

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