Update: One new product listing attribute will be mandatory in December


We previously announced that four additional product listing attributes would become mandatory in December, but have reduced the list of mandatory attributes from four to one two at this time.

From December 8, 2022, attributes will change from optional to required for the following product types:

  • Color name: SWEATSHIRT, COAT

All new listings for affected product types will require a valid attribute value, or the product will not be added to the catalogue.

Your active listings will not be affected. To publish your inactive listings, go to Manage inventory to update your attributes now.


so even more listings will be blocked removed or supressed. how do you expect sellers to add new information when you removed the tools for us to do so?


Its a waste of time trying to bulk upload the attributes, I have an open case that now runs to 8 pages and is still not resolved, after hours and hours of work here is the reply i get…
“We see that you are having issues with your feed upload. Being that the file 75*******21 has been created from a third-party feed, unfortunately we cannot troubleshoot the issues that are being experienced”
So although there is an issue with the file from the Amazon System then its a bursh off and noone is going to fix it, how soon before listings are removed because they dont have all the attributes ? will this also apply to FBA or is that separate ?