Update to announcement regarding changes to adult products policies


An announcement was published on 30 September that outlined updates to the adult products policies related to wand massagers and kegel/ben wa balls. The article incorrectly stated that the changes to our policies are already active. It should have stated that the updated policies would go into effect on 15 November, and was intended to provide a notice to selling partners listing these products. We apologise for any confusion.

Our adult products policies are meant to prevent adult products from being surfaced to customers who are not intending to find these types of products while shopping on Amazon. Given the multi-purpose usage of wand massagers and kegel/ben wa balls, including for sexual use, we will require the adult product classification on such products. This policy update will help improve customer experience and ensure these products are appropriately classified as adult products.

For more information, review the updates to the Adult products policies & guidelines that will go into effect on 15 November.


As a seller who this policy change is severely effecting I’d love to open up a discussion with other fellow sellers. How you you handling the change? More importantly are you ok? Is 45 days enough time for you before the change happens?

Although we have other sales channels Amazon has the bulk of all our sales.

Be great to know other peoples thoughts


Reading the announcement, your buyers will still be able to buy your products - they just have to purposefully search for them rather than them randomly popping up in an unrelevant search

I would hazard a guess that they are not an impulse purchase when actually looking for knitting patterns lol


Hello Little shop

That’s true customers can still purchase the product but they will not be visible on the normal search and no longer be able to be promoted through deals or sponsored ads.

For our business the change couldn’t have come on a worse date, we increase stock for Q4 like all other sellers this change will have a huge impact on the amount of sales we will now receive.