Update your contact details


Amazon strives to be the most customer centric company in the world.

In order to fulfill our goal we need you to help us establish the correct channel of communication with you.

Therefore, review the contact details you have added in Seller Central and update them, so we may better assist you with your daily requests.


You have not helped me in one single case over the last 3 years you have totally ignored all of our reports and concerns. You are the least customer centric company in the world. You have no one who has English language as their first language in your SS. You have alledged account specialists who have no idea about your policies are are barely able to even read the account health page.



I’m going with the “struggle or fight vigorously” definition.


By customer they mean CUSTOMER…not seller!!! Why would amazon ever strive to be seller centric!!! LOL!


Sellers are Amazon’s customers too?


I think you are getting confused with the Chinese sellers?


Hi I’ve been an individual seller for years and i have recently changed my mobile phone number, but cannot get Amazon to accept this. When I try to authenticate the change in settings, the yellow ‘Confirm’ button is missing. So any Amazon responses are still going to my old phone number, and i’m effectively locked out of my account. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions, as contacting Amazon seems impossible. thanks for any help, Steve


So we’re their “selling partners”

The people who buy their (and our) items, that’s the customer.


No, sellers are slaves


More to the point How Do We Contact You. No telephone number that I know of in case there is a problem with logging in. That would be helpful.

Best Regards


I had a similar issue in that my number had been corrupted ( the country code changed, along with Bank Details digits swapped around) the only way I managed to get back into my account was to login to my personal account select problems logging in and goto the chat they then transferred me to someone in the right team and reset the account


Hi Thanks very much for this and I’ll give it a try. No help from ‘Support’ I’m afraid! cheers steve


I would say Amazon are the most discriminatory company in the world. They say they’re customer centric but most sellers spend a very great deal more money with Amazon on fee’s than the vast majority of buyers will ever spend, and when you spend money with a company you are a customer, yet Amazon treat very many sellers with contempt with their selling policy’s.

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