*Updated* Detailed guide explaining how to win all types of A-Z claims


Last time someone did this it actually took the return 6 days to get here, then I waited two more and they still haven’t even given me the option to represent my case (it stayed “under review”, probably waiting for more info from the buyer). The only time I ever had them deal with an A-to-Z quickly was my first one ever, back when I didn’t know how to represent my case correctly and it was closed in buyer’s favour by bots. Any time I provide correct information and a person gets to look at it it takes weeks.


Thanks for that Kika

Just to clarify on Royal mail Click and Drop which a lot of us use

Tracking is available for delivered items on this service and doesn’t require a signature.
Amazon will award the buyer if they open an A-Z despite tracking showing delivered.
-based on three A-Zs I have had filed against us.


It’s hilarious isn’t it. Amazon force you to use their Buy Shipping feature once you have integrated click + drop with Amazon and then don’t even look at the information it provides them. Can’t wait for the day I can stop selling on Amazon for good. Scum.


It’s really interesting, but on the Amazon USA marketplace all sellers who buy shipping from Amazon are completely protected against INR - both A-Z claims and negative feedbacks.

They aren’t even getting any notifications alerting them about claims, they are straight Amazon Funded and don’t affect metrics.

I wonder if they are ever planning to enroll this in Europe.


Well they better start soon, otherwise they may have a mutiny on their hands! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ugh… A 131 old A-z not received claim reopened asking for proof of delivery again! This is now the third time they have reopened this same claim asking for the same thing! Don’t they keep the attachments sent in or something? Claim was first denied on 4th December 2018 after sending proof of delivery. Then denied a second time on 26th December 2018 after resending it again. What a joke!


Kika, i have an A-Z where the buyer claims that i did not respond to their returns request. Do i use the “Buyer claiming that items were not as described after requesting a return, without returning the items or providing a tracking number as proof of shipping anything back” template? I have all tracking codes and dates.


Yes, if you already authorised the return, this would be a good response template to use.


Thanks Kika, appreciate it. I’m giving him a chance to close the case himself first. We shall see


Just had an A-Z granted for a parcel that was sent tracked to France which shows as delivered :frowning:
Tracking info doesn’t show any errors either. Any advice on what to say when I appeal it?



Well, the guy closed the A-Z yet i’ve still been hit with an ODR. That cannot be right, surely?


Normally, it takes a few days for your metrics to reflect a claim being withdrawn.


Hi Kika,

Thanks for the useful post… although I already had some similar tactics from my previous painful experiences dealing with the Payment Guarantees team, it was still a good read and found some useful bits to add to my armoury.

Over the last week or so, Amazon seem to have changed their handling of A-Z’s for reason of: ‘Package did not arrive’

Instead of seeing the normal claim being opened, I’ve now had 2 of these automatically granted in favour of the buyer who has received a full refund and the claim counts against us. There was no notification the claim had been opened, it didn’t appear on the ‘Performance’ menu on our home page and we didn’t get the chance to respond. We just got a straight claim decision email to notify us the outcome found against us.

So I appealed the first claim as I had tracking which can be seen online at UK Mail/DHL web site (and matched the tracking number uploaded to Amazon), a signed POD matching the customer’s name and a GPRS Google map screen dump from the driver’s handheld terminal at the point of signature capture… you guessed it, Amazon upheld their decision! They said the above doesn’t prove the customer received the goods!!

Just wondered if anyone else has seen the same thing or know of any changes to Amazon policy?

Seems like Amazon just found another way to penalise Sellers and allow continued fraudulent activity if they are now refusing to accept online tracking as proof of delivery!


@Devoted2Home1 Could you post some screenshots of the claims?

This normally only happens when you failed to upload tracking information at the time of dispatch.

I am still seeing all A-Z claims in the relevant section of my account.


Thanks for the quick response… it’s definitely not that, we’ve been on Amazon for +6 years now and sell hundreds of units a week, so have dealt with a fair few of these before… this is definitely a change in how this was processed by Amazon (as far as our account goes).

In addition to that, we have ERP software that automatically uploads tracking information up to Amazon and the tracking cons no is even showing in the claim header.

We also have a separate sub-folder set up for catching all A-Z Claim emails… nothing in there apart from the claim decision outcome email.

A-Z Did Not Receive Order


It sounds like this was due to a software issue. Possibly, the tracking was uploaded after the order was already confirmed as shipped.

Since you are using a software and it’s not you inserting the tracking numbers, it’s difficult to tell what was wrong.

My claims are still requiring a response.


Does the timing of the tracking being uploaded make a difference?

The tracking ID is clealry showing on the A-Z Claim, so the information was there when the A-Z was opened.


Yes it does make a difference - timing is now crucial. Tracking entered even a few minutes after marked as dispatched makes all the difference.


Usually these templates work for me but I have lost 2 A-Z Claims this week even though shown as delivered :frowning:


Thanks for this Kika, I don’t comment or post much on here but always look through your posts for help if I run into a problem

many thanks