Updating Charge Credit Card


Apologies if this has been asked before but does changing your seller charge method card cause verification to be initiated or any other issues?


when mine expired and I added the replacement (same card number just a later expiry date and new CVV), it did not trigger re-verification. But if you enter a totally new card it will


Thanks for that @Penelope_Pit-Stop - Amex are migrating me from one type of card to another as mine is a Costco Amex Card. I’ve just been on the phone to Amex and the new card will have the same number as the current one which expires in 2022. Happy bunny now. I had an inkling that replacing the card with another would cause verification and cause all sorts of problems.


Hi Again,
When I need to update the cards expiry and CVV do I click on the Replace Charge Method and just make those changes?


No!! because that would trigger re-verification. Instead click “Manage Charge Methods” and click Edit alongside the card you are amending the expiry date and CVV for. Phew, disaster averted :slight_smile:


Thanks again. I don’t need to do this until the End of January.


When I click on Manage Charge Methods I don’t have an option to edit. I’ve posted a screenshot so you can see what I mean.



Thanks for your posts!

Updating or changing/replacing your credit card will not put your account through verification. However updating or changing your bank account information will put your account through verification again.

For your account you will need to click on Replace Charge Method to update your card. You will be given an option of which marketplace to select, I’m not 100% sure why yours is showing differently to my own and Alison’s.

I hope this information helps.



Thanks @Jessica As I previously mentioned I won’t have to do this until my new Amex card arrive which will be late January 2020.