Upload invoice does not seem to work


I have found a business customer, made a .pdf of his invoice and clicked the ‘upload invoice’ button. On the next it has ‘Please upload your invoice or credit note’ and I use the browse button to locate the .pdf but it does not upload when i click ‘upload’.

What am I doing wrong!!

Thanks, Brian.


Sometimes it actually uploads it, but doesn’t look like it has. Leave it 10 mins then go back and check.

The upload thing can also be a bit buggy on some browsers; try Ctrl+F5 on the page to do a hard refresh. If that doesn’t work try clearing your cache and cookies.


OK thanks, I will give it a go - possibly one customer has about 10 copies!


I have also found this today.

Having read the response from BarryM I might also have sent my customer many invoices!


Different browser worked for me :slight_smile:


I found this problem also today,

it wouldn’t upload until I put an invoice number in the bottom box,

I don’t think I had that issue before so maybe they have changed something,but once I did that the upload went through and it showed as having been sent


I have since got 2 of them to upload but not the others, try the rest tomorrow.

Thanks, Brian


YES! All done. Sometimes had to refresh the listing page before going to upload, but all done now.