Upload your product images faster


In a continuous effort to make it easier for you to provide images to your Amazon listings, we have launched a new bulk image upload tool. Previously, you could only upload images and view the upload status for one product at a time. You can now upload up to 5 GB worth of product images at once with the bulk image upload tool and view the status of all your uploads in the image upload status report in Seller Central.

Use the new bulk image upload tool and image upload status report now.


When clicking on “bulk image upload tool” it is showing as “you do not have permissions to view this page” what setting would this be under in “user permissions”?


This is happening to me as well!


Oh joy. Most of the incorrect product images we come across seem to be attributable to bulk uploads - for some reason this circumvents the brand registry restrictions on changing images. Once erroneously changed, Amazon then refuses to revert them back to the correct images due to brand registry. Sigh. One step forward two back.


Invalid Access

  • You do not have permissions to view this page


What a totally and utterly useless idea, when you are not allowed to use it!!!


Well, the instructions are here and in the help pages but the link doesn’t work there either. :woman_shrugging:t4:

Add images in bulk to an existing listing using Upload Images:

From your dashboard, go to Inventory drop-down menu, and select Upload Images .

In the drag & drop box, drag or click to add an image or zip file from your computer. If clicking to add an image, select an image from your computer and click on Open .

Click on Submit images .

Are you having problems with uploading images? To know more about viewing image upload status and products removed from search due to image issues, see Image Issues.


Great feature, my only suggestion would be to allow SKU filenames rather than ASINs.


My thoughts exactly!


That describes Amazon quite accurately