Uploaded the German Tax Certificate & have a German VAT but STILL can't get our account reactivated


Hi! Has anyone else had trouble getting their Amazon.de account reactivated after uploading a German Tax Certificate?

We even have a German VAT number! Still, every request to get our account reactivated through Seller Help gets “TRANSFERRED” but then nothing happens. No help. No message from Amazon. Just crickets for weeks and weeks despite multiple attempts to reactivate.

And the kicker is we have never even sold or stored product in Germany! We just want to sell on PAN EU and be prepared for Brexit. Ugh! So frustrating! Any help would be SO appreciated! Thank you! Happy holidays everyone!


You’ve entered the VAT number in Amazon as well as the tax certificate with the Steuernummer? When I entered my new German VAT number last month it showed as Pending and then a few hours later my DE account was reinstated. I didn’t have to contact seller support.


Hi there is two numbers the one amazon ask for is the tax number and tax certificate not the vat one on the verification.


Thank you so much for your replies:-)

Yes, we entered the Tax certificate and VAT number in the appropriate places, and both are verified. Amazon then said that we have to show proof that we have filed VAT returns…BUT there is nowhere to upload proof of our past VAT returns. We wrote for more help and were told to use a seller performance email address we were given awhile ago. We sent the VAT return proof there, and got an email back saying that it is no longer a monitored email. I have written seller help again. We’ll see what they come back with this time…