Uploading photos on variations


Hi, I’m having trouble understanding the new layout. When I make my listing I upload some photos. Then also upload photos to the variations. When the listing goes live there is only one photo shown on each variation, so buyers can’t see the back now. Any idea what I am doing wrong. Thanks,


Give it time, may take up to 24 hours, some appear within 15 - 30 mins.


Thanks, but I don’t think that is it because they are now over 24hrs. Although when I press edit I see the other photos, when looking at the live listing, only the variation photos show.


I m having same problem. Thanks for raising this question.


Did you solve this EGI? Mine started working a couple of days later, and upload fine now. It was taking 48hrs for the photos to appear, now it mostly just takes a few hours, so Kazana was right, just give it time.