UPS Delays to BHX4? (Jan 2019)


Has anyone else been experiencing delays with UPS?
I shipped my carton on Monday 6th Jan after the new year and it has been nearly 5 days. Doesn’t UPS Standard aim to deliver parcels within 1-2 business days?
My parcel was marked as ‘being held for future delivery date’ on the 8th but haven’t received an update yet.

Wondering if any sellers are experiencing the same. Is it because Amazon are rejecting parcels due to too many shipments? It’s going to BHX4


That happens quite a lot. If they get queued for delivery it usually takes 1-4 days from that point to be delivered, but can be up to 10 days from being queued.

The thing that is concerning is that the last tracking point is miles away from BHX4. When mine have been queued the most recent tracking point is usually somewhere like Tamworth.


I also sent to BHX4 on 7th Jan which got checked in today (and then transferred to other FC) so nothing to worry about I guess and wait a bit more.


Just got a notification that the parcels have been checked in, so I guess I just had to wait a bit longer. Weird thing is that the UPS tracking page is still the same and showing up as ‘in a queue waiting for a delivery date’ despite the parcels already being delivered.
It’s also a Sunday today and UPS surely doesn’t deliver on a Sunday, so I think the parcels were delivered to BHX4 earlier in the week but UPS didn’t update its tracking.


Amazon have a special contract with UPS. It’s not like a regular UPS delivery service.


Amazon have lost 3 of 4 pallets sent to BHX4. I have always had issues when delivery is at the FBA centre.
I sent my consignment in Dec 2019, received on 31st Dec and today they have not ‘received’ the pallets. I have now raised a query but I am being asked for import doc C88.


Please ignore, I have lost inventory at MK43 (LNT1) BHX4 is very good at receiving inventory.


We always get BHX4 now and generally it is good.

Sometimes stock is accepted the next day, within around 12 hours from collection sometimes, which is fab! Other times (like recently) it’s been 10 days+.

Makes it difficult to manage stock in FBA, especially as all stock sent to BHX4 is transferred to other FC’s immediately, which again can sometimes take a few days or more to be made available.

Also lost 1/2 a pallet load of stock… not so good!


No stock is stored at BHX4. It is a crossdock depot. All stock gets sorted and moved onto other FCs.

I am finding my UPS deliveries are being constantly rescheduled.