UPS Leeds - Max shipment 30 boxes


We used to have Dewsbury for our collections but we were changed to Leeds this week and they are stating we can only send a max of 30 boxes per day with them and that’s only if there is room on the van - if not then tough.

Is this correct?

We’ve had a bulk collection 3 times a week with UPS Dewsbury for the past 2 years as we are sending around 250 boxes per week…

Obviously it is cheaper to send pallets and we do send some but due to a few factors it hasn’t been feasible for us to send the majority palletised but come January we will have to start and do so.

After speaking to the ‘manager’ it sounded like the ‘Amazon sellers’ are below them and not important which is ridiculous since Amazon now is a massive part of their business.


I’ve been restricted to 15 a day for the last 3 weeks, not heard formally but it’s what the drivers have told everyone at the storage unit my collections are from. Today they only managed 8 of the 15


I found they tend to care more when you phone up UPS and tell them that the parcels weren’t collected, they then log it and send the depot a message, apparently they get fined when they miss collections but who knows if thats true.