UPS lost Amazon FBA shipment. Advice needed


Hi Guys,
UPS have lost a FBA shipment in their depot .
It has not reached a FC yet.
How to we claiim?
Direct with UPS or via SS with Amz?
What is max compensation? How do Amz calculate this?




If you have used Amazon, then open a case with amazon, as UPS will tell you let the shipper call us in their eyes it is Amazon.
Amazon will tell you get back in 14 days after estimate etc, if lost Amazon normally reimburse you.


I’ve just had the same thing happen to me. Very frustrating!!


I’m starting to think I have one that may end up like this. Shipped to MME1 on 17 Jun. Made it to Tamworth the same day and has never been heard from again. How long is it before SS admit it has been lost?


Boxes are insured for £2000 Amazon will normally offer less than cost.


Mine’s nothing like that value. It’s the lost profit on not being able to sell the mislaid items that will sting more.