UPS not collected pallet - partner carrier issues


Hi all,

Arranged for UPS to collect 1 pallet through the partner carrier program. Was due to collect on Monday 27th September, but no one collected and haven’t heard from them. Amazon have been chasing them via email but haven’t heard anything back, and I’ve tried calling their customer service but they keep passing me on and can’t help me without a UPS reference number.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have a UPS phone number that might be able to help?

Many thanks


Is it your first pallet collection with UPS?
If so, it will take up to a couple of weeks for them to contact you and sort out an account, before collection will actually take place.


Is it from a residential address?


Hi Sequin, no it’s from a warehouse


then it’ll be as @Neil said and you need to wait until they contact you and sort out your account


Thanks guys!

Can’t wait that long though - if a non-partner carrier collects the already-labeled pallet and boxes, will they still be able to deliver the same FBA shipment to the FBA warehouse?


Yes but you will have already paid for ups.

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