UPS Preferred carrier and cost - how do i pay?


I have 200 boxes to collect and deliver to amazon. All either 13kg or 14kg. Got quote Amazon shipping which is fine. When i click to accept charges and I print the labels are they then prepaid via amazon account? when i call UPS to book in they want a prepaid label number an not sure what to give them?
Please help as UPS are horrendous and I cant talk to enlish pigeon speaking customer services again!!!


Surely for that quantity you wouldn’t be better of with pallets?

In any case, I believe that the charge just goes through your Amazon account, though not certain of this as I wouldn’t use UPS if you paid me to.
But if you have gone through the shipping procedure, then chosen UPS, it should produce labels for you.


I find it easier to book the collection online You give them one of the tracking numbers (e.g. 1ZA1Y4886812345625) and fill in the details.

They’re fully insured from the time they’re collected so no reason not to. Reimbursement is at Amazon rates so on the rare occasion a parcel splits open and some stock goes missing I make a profit on it anyway.


Hi Neil,
Totally agree with you dont have access to pallets otherwise that would be my preferred shipment method so going to have to swallow the cost!
looking at the labels now and theres a long ref number which I presume I enter into the ups shipping site. Can only do 20 at a time…called to request a large number parcel collection and they said they couldnt do it…absolutely baffled!
What courier company refuses collections?? Laughable!
Anyway, thank you so much for your help!


You’re not doing it right. As BarryM says, you do it all online. When you go onto the UPS website to schedule your collection, you simply copy and paste the Amazon consignment numbers from your shipping queue. As soon as you add the first one, a message pops up in red which says you are using a pre-paid number and will not be charged for this shipment. After each consignment number, you add a comma and then copy and paste the next one and so on. Seriously, it’s an absolute doddle so you shouldn’t have any problem with the system. And our experience of UPS is one of excellence. In five years on Amazon, not a single shipment has been damaged, lost or late. Not one. We even use UPS for FBM now when doing next day stuff. Can’t fault them.


LOL, UPS do.
I booked a collection for a tumble drier a while back with them, as when I phoned them, they said yes, no problem.
Double checked the exclusion list (It’s not on there) and ordered.
The guy came to collect, first breaking my door and then refused to take it as it’s white goods.
Contacted them, got a sort of apology, followed by a promise of a call back from the drivers manager re the door. Still waiting…
After that the farce of getting my money back from them. Took almost two weeks.

So no, UPS are very much on my bad list. I use DPD and they are actually cheaper than the discounted rates that Amazon offer for UPS.

As for your collection. I would suggest that you do it in multi consignments.
So split your 200, into maybe 10/20 groups. A lot of the couriers will refuse a single large shipment like that. So it’s not that unusual.


It’s swings and roundabouts, Neil. We can all tell horror stories about every courier in the country. We can only base our judgements on our own experiences. Yours with UPS has obviously been bad, as has ours with DHL, Hermes and UK Mail.


Never had any problems with UPS I think they failed to turn up once… Once you’ve generated your labels go online and book in the collection. State the weight and how many boxes you’ve got… You could copy and paste in all the tracking numbers but you only really need one to secure the booking… Once booked it might be best to call your local depot and advise them you’ve got 200 boxes as that’s going to take a van or two to collect… If the driver turns up and can’t take them all just send as many as you can and rebook for the next day.


Not disagreeing, just my opinion.
But have used a few now and the only one that I haven’t had anything but the odd niggle, has been DPD.
Would recommend them to anyone.


This is great news! Do I enter the ref number under the barcode on the printed label or the one unique to each parcel on Amazon central?


You enter the number from your shipping plan as in the image here:

Then after each number, a comma, then one space and copy and paste the next number and you’ll get a beautiful straight column of shipment numbers.


You don’t even need to enter all the tracking numbers. You can just use one of them :slight_smile:


Indeed, but I was trying not to complicate the issue further (though using just the one might really be less complicating) :joy:. Much obliged for your input, Barry :ok_hand:


I ship about 100 boxes a week and pay as low as 2.34 for a 10kg box of stock into amazon. the more you ship in one go the lower the cost. they just take it off our amazon balance. I don’t even need to book in a pick up as the same driver just comes every day. you should really schedule a collection but this can cost a few pounds I think.

any problems let me know


Finish your Amazon FBA Order, then on Amazon FBA select :“Track your order” and you will see all the shipping references - it is UPS it will be something like 1Z97X68A6829181928
you only need to enter 1 of these and then it will allow you to book the collection.


Just thought I would add you don’t need to phone UPS to book a collection, just do it online (After you have made a free UPS account). You can book before midday for a same day collection.


UPS is working fine for me for very long time.
I have online registration and once I have my shipment ready Im giving them : 1 tracking number, count, weight and date.
Maximum is 30 boxes via online scheduled collection. Its faster are easy than using a phone call. If the carrier have free space in the vehicle he will take more. Its up to him.
Very often he’s coming at the end of the day and have a lot of space for more boxes because he already dropped all other collections in UPS depot.

So far I dont have any troubles with them. I hope we will continue this way.

Good luck !


No need to put all the numbers in, 1 will do.


You’re slating them over ONE problem? Really! By heck your a hard one to please.

We’ve sent 1000’s with UPS and only ever had a problem once.


One problem, that they refused to fix, that cost me over ÂŁ100!
So hardly a small thing at all.

All due to a drivers incompetence.
So that makes me hard to please?