UPS refusing to take more than 15 cartons


The UPS driver who came o collect today said from now on they will not collect more than 15 parcels. Has anyone else had this? It is going to be very difficult as I send 30 parcels most days.


Have you looked at pallets ?


A couple of sellers have had limits applied


I think I am going to have to, when I have in the past they have taken several weeks to receive into stock so that is why I have used UPS.


Pallets really aren’t that different to boxes. I regularly send pallets in and they are usually on the shelves, within a few days.
Maybe you have just been unlucky in the past.
Prices usually work out cheaper as well.

Main thing is, that you use an authorised courier.


If this is FBA stock, just break the shipment in to a smaller number of boxes.
You might send 30 boxes, but it’s 2 different shipments, to 2 different locations. So technically 2 different collections too.

We’ve had UPS struggle to collect everything we send in one collection (we can often send 900kg+ in one day), but we just rebook any missed boxes the following day and they all usually arrive at the Amazon warehouses at the same time anyway.

If this is direct to customers, then you’ve obviously got a bigger problem.


It all depends on the area you are in, some of these franchises do not have enough vans in the area to collect the parcels and they claim they don’t get paid to send any more vans.

I would either try phoning their depot or UPS and as long as you give them some notice they don’t really have an excuse and have the ability to redirect larger trucks.