UPS want to charge for collecting FBA collection


Thanks Sequin - will give it a go


I’ve not booked a collection over the phone before. Do I need a tracking number before I call? How do they decide if it’s a free collection without tracking ID?


Just tried that and yes it does work. HOWEVER when you confirm the shipment the IZ15F tracking number is not appearing in the Track Shipment part of the workflow.
Anyone else noticed this ?


You can still track it on ups site though


Yes, we have been charged £2.40 today. I wasn’t in work today (recovering from radiotherapy) my husband just accepted it as the stuff needs to go. He tried to ring them but nobody was picking up. Tomorrow we will use an old number or keep ringing until we get through.


I tried calling. If you give them the 15F number on the phone they try to charge you even more than doing it online!!
I just went back to an old shipment and picked a number with 59 in it… Seems to have worked.

Spoke to seller support who as usual didn’t understand anything and wanted a screenshot of the shipment page …aggggghhhhh


I had a charge at the bottom of the book a collection page but I do not know how it gets paid.

Is it UPS charging me? If so how do they recover the money?

Have you actually paid something?


They gave us an option to either pay now or put it on the account.


Can everyone with this issue please advise seller support, they aren’t doing anything but teaching me how to suck eggs!


Today’s shipment for me was okay as I had one parcel with an old style tracking number on it.

I have used an old number today to book my shipment for collection tomorrow. The shipment is booked in so I can’t see any problems with the collection tomorrow.


I sent 3 today, all with new style numbers so I used an old number to arrange collection
He arrived, scanned the boxes and left without saying anything
I don’t have a ups account so will have to wait to see if they bill me via invoice


It’s showing ok on mine…


Thanks Betsy - will have another go after I’ve had my tea!!


Tried booking a box on again and it’s still generating IZ15F numbers . I take the suggestions that we use an old IZ59A number to book on to UPS and can see that this works. Can see the IZ15F number on the box label . But if you go to the tracking page with these headings (shown below) there is nothing there
Box # Amazon FBA box label number Tracking # Carrier status Weight (KG) Dimensions
Any suggestions?


My ones that were collected today with a IZ15F are updating


Yes I can see that but when we go to this page there is just a blank space below the headers . Did it take a while for the information to fill in the boxes (usually it does it straight away) ?


No it was there 10 minutes after he collected today

When were yours collected ?


Sorry - haven’t made myself clear - normally when you book a shipment onto the system the IZ59A number appears on that page and you copy that to UPS to make the booking. We completed a shipment and could see from the printed out label that it was an IZ15 numbers. I then clicked on CONFIRM shipment and it takes you to the page you have screenshotted. HOWEVER none of the information is there - just a blank space no Amazon box label number or Tracking number. So was this information there when you CONFIRMED the shipment or was it only there after the driver had collected


Forgot to say - I’m doing now for collection tomorrow hopefully !


The numbers were there before I booked the collection

I arranged it over the phone

It updated to shipped after he had collected

All exactly as it usually does