Urgent hazmat sds / exemption paperwork question


Hello everyone,

I am trying to create a shipping plan for a private label product but it says that my item is under hazmat review and asking for the above documents.
I have an SDS from my supplier but it is in chinese, am i still able to upload this chinese document? The safety check was conducted by a large chinese company called SGS however the document is in chinese, can i still upload this document or should i do something else?

The product is definitely not HAZMAT at all, it is a bathroom product made from plastic.

Can someone please give me some advice on what i should do in this situation, i’d greatly appreciate it.



I am afraid that the Chinese document will not be accepted.


There is nothing on the help pages to say the SDS has to be in English so I would upload and see what they say but there are exemption sheets that you can download can complete (on the right hand side of the link below)


The system looks for keywords so even if the sheet doesnt apply just complete - I had hazmat once for a clear empty glass bottle for reed diffusers but it picked up the word reed diffuser and so went under hazmat as they are liquid/oils - I just put under ingredients “clear empty glass bottle” and it passed so sometimes it can just be a formality…Also though I sell massage oils and they wont accept anything withouth the SDS eventhough I know its not hazardous so its hit/miss

My advice as I do LOADS for hazmat is to be persistent and your first encounter will likely be bots so upload the SDS & Exemption sheet separately and leave it 5 days then open a case (if it doesnt pass) and you will get auto bot copy paste replies telling you to upload again and close case / just keep reopening and youll get a human its frustrating


We just had an ASIN put into DG which is totally laughable but checking with SS, they said to upload exemption sheet. As all 5 marketplaces sent notification, so we need to upload to each of the marketplace but can use the same English one.

So OP, you might be ok to upload the Chinese one as that is on the drop down list. Do let us know how you get on.


@Nobles_Products send and email to your supplier and tell them to give a English translated version of SDS and that’s it upload it and you are all sorted but then you need to keep in touch with amazon otherwise they take a lot of time. Goodluck